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"Normal" Days

"Normal" Days

By Optimism101


Don’t you just love going about your normal day, where everything is nice.

Then getting attacked by a pink lady with a giant scythe and a death blob

Ahh, those were the days.

It all started a few weeks ago, when I learned something cool.

A green heart just came out of me. Just, fwoop, and there was a green heart in front of me.

“Huh.” I stared at it, and poked it a bit. If I pushed in too hard, it hurt me. Maybe it was my soul. Huh. Why green?

This would have been normal and easy to get through, if my teacher and peers hadn’t decided to stare at it too.

“What is that?!” The teacher got angry at me, like I was smuggling something into school.

“I don’t know miss.” I started to pull it closer, but the teacher stormed over.

“You can have it back at the end of class if it’s causing a distraction.” The teacher stormed over to my desk, roughly grabbed it, and yanked it away.

Naturally, the unexpected thing happened. It dragged me forward with it, and I flew out of my desk, and face-planted on the floor. My peers laughed.

“Let go!” The teacher tugged once more, and I scooted across the ground. My arms were clearly not touching the heart.

“Humph.” The teacher let go, and the heart floated back next to me.

“As long as it doesn’t cause anymore distractions, I have no objections.” She stormed back to her desk as I got off the ground. Some of my classmates were snickering. The green heart went back into me.

The rest of my day went normally. No green heart coming out of me. My classmates called me greenie for the day, but I had no problems with that.

I got home, quickly ran up to my room to avoid talking to my mom, and dropped all my things.

I stared down at my chest.

Nothing happened


Still nothing. Why would that work anyways? Nevermind.

I concentrated, heavily. After a couple minutes of me attempting to concentrate, something happened. I felt better.



I woke up for the next day ready and prepared to go to school. Ha, just kidding. I woke up early and spent a couple hours playing games, like a normal person.

When I finally got to school, of course nothing would be normal

A girl dressed in all pink stood in front of the door, blocking my way.

I thought it was just me anyway, but I looked around to quickly spot other classmates trying to get in as well. She didn’t budge. A small mob formed.

“You.” She pointed at me. I shuffled to the side, but she kept the finger on me. The crowd parted. Something about her tone was un-comforable.

“Do you need something?” I asked politely. She grew a devilish grin. Like, nightmare worthy.

“Your soul.” A blob came out from behind her and formed into a scythe. She slashed at me, I nearly got hit.

“Woah, lady, I don’t know what you’re doing, but I am not the one you’re looking for.” I did a classic Obi-Wan hand wave. She seemed un-phased. I was starting to get a bit worried. Did she want to kill me?

“Yes, you are.” She slashed at me again, but hit something.

At this point, she definitely wanted to kill me. A green orb popped around me, and blocked the scythe. The heart came out too, and glowed a bit. My classmates, at this point, were standing 10-20 feet away, but couldn’t be less interested. Also they were filming it.

“There it is.” Her grin grew bigger, and her scythe turned into a spear. She reared back to throw it. She was just a little girl, she couldn't throw it that far.


It narrowly hit my heart and flew past me as I dropped to the ground. Phew.

My classmates were shocked, but then kept on recording.

I heard something collapse behind me.

“OH MY GOD DAVE!” One of the women in the mob rushed over next to him. The spear had been stuck halfway through his chest. It dissipated.

I turned back to the lady, but she was gone.

Huh. That was weird. Glad I didn’t get OH MY GOD DAVE.

I hurriedly rush over to Dave. Blood was profusely coming out of his wound at this point.

Everyone was silent.

My heart metaphorically looked at me, and I knew what to do.

I put my hand over Dave, and closed my eyes. The woman started to go banshee crazy over me, but some of the other people pulled her back and calmed her.

I focused, and lifted my hand. No wound.

Dave got up and looked at me with wide eyes.

He then shrugged it off and went back to joshing with his friends. I really wasn’t that popular.

The day went normal for me after that. I got quiet respect from everyone else, and that was nice. The first teacher was still pissed at me though, and kept looking over for the green heart.

She was still out there though. The pink lady. More on her later, let me just.

*rustling in background*

Ran out of film, sorry!


Author Notes: More on this later. Thought this would be fun to write. Especially doing personal narrative, because I don't have to worry one bit about 'proper language'. HA! Take that Ms.Mac and Cheese! Sorry, I have a weird feud with my ELA teacher. ANYWAYS, tell me what you think!

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28 Mar, 2019
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4 mins
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