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Not An Average Girl (Chapter 1)

Not An Average Girl (Chapter 1)

By Couldntcomeupwithone

Dana walked into the front doors of the school. Dana was a short teenager and was fit. He had short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. As he walked through them, he noticed the green paint started to chip around every part of the door. He stood in the middle of the lobby looking around for the Guidance office, when a person jumped out from behind him. 
"You must be Dana, the new junior, right?" The Guidance councilor, Ms. Garrett, said. She was a fairly young, maybe in her late thirties, and had long, blonde, frizzy hair. She was tall and was so peppy and up beat it annoyed most students. 
"Uh.. Yeah." Dana stuck his hand out for her to shake. "Can you tell me where I'm going?" 
"Oh, yeah. Follow me." She shook his hand, and then placed her hand on his back.
They entered the Guidance office where she led him to another small room in the left corner. Ms. Garrett had a bunch of the You can be anything you want posters, which, again, annoyed most students. At that point in the student's lives, they knew they wouldn't be doctors, or own a business. They knew that they really couldn't be anything they wanted. But, she always wanted them to try their hardest, which sorta worked. That school (West Chesterfield High) had higher test scores than any other school in that state. It was a pretty well known school, best music program, best test scores, best sports teams and coaches. 
"Have a seat." She gestured to the chair in front of her desk. Dana sat down and waited. Ms. Garrett opened up her laptop and got onto the schedule for Dana. "So, we put you in advanced everything, and we put you in Concert Choir, and German 1, and Psychology class. We have you in most classes with Haden Scott, so she will take you around everywhere."
"Okay, that sounds good. Where is she?" He asked looking around the small room.
"We are calling her down right now, and she will be here in a few minutes."
After a few minutes of Dana answering questions about his previous school, and Ms. Garrett bragging about everything, someone knocked on the door. 
"Come in!" Ms. Garrett said. 
"Hi, I was called down here...?" Haden replied. She had long brown hair and blue eyes. She was tan and fit, and average height. She had on a pair of blue jeans that had faded a little bit, and a light blue v-neck shirt which brought out her eyes. It was obvious Dana thought she was attractive.
"Hello, Haden. This is Dana. He is new and you will be showing him to his classes since you guys have most classes together."
Dana got up and shook her her hand. She did the same. 
"Hi, I'm Dana."
"Yeah, I kinda got that. I'm Haden."
"Yeah, I kinda got that too." They both shared a little giggle and looked at Ms. Garrett. 
"This is his schedule." Ms. Garrett handed Haden Dana's schedule and Haden looked it over. 
"Wow, we have six of our seven classes together." Haden said, and looked up at him. 
Dana gave a little smile and they both left the small room. 
"We are in third period right now, which is Psychology. I personally love the class, and the teacher is pretty cool."
"Yeah? That's good."
They walked up the stairs in the main lobby and Dana looked out of breath.
"Don't worry, you'll get used to them." Haden looked at him reassuring him. He smiled back. "So do you do any sports?"
"I swim, I was the captain of my last school's team."
"Oh that's cool, I'm the captain of the Varsity Cheer Squad."
Oh great, gorgeous, funny and at the top of the social food chain Dana thought to himself. Forget it, I have no chance.
They reached the classroom and entered. The teacher, Mr. Burke, got up and greeted Dana. They both shook hands and sat down. 
The class had just finished reading the book Heaven Is For Real by Lynn Vincent and Todd Burpo. A non fiction story about Burpo's son who died and came back to life. They were talking about afterlife. 
"I don't believe there is life after death. I believe you are just dead." Charlie Ackel said. Charlie was the jackass of Chesterfield High School. 
Everyone who didn't believe the same attacked him on his beliefs.
"It's inevitable." Haden blurted out. Everyone quieted down. "Death, I mean. Death is inevitable. And I think that Charlie isn't entirely wrong." She paused and looked around at people and ended up looking at Charlie, then she looked away. "I think truth is what you believe in and faith is having a reason to believe in that."
"Why do you think that?" Mr. Burke asked. 
"No one knows what happens to you after you die, and when we do, we cant go back and tell people."
"But Burpo is documenting what happened to his son."
"Yes, but we don't know if he really saw that, we just don't know. Death is Death, nothing can stop it, we just have to wait and see what happens." 
Right as Haden ended her speech, the bell rang to got to the next class. 

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17 Mar, 2016
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4 mins
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