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Not Fast Enough Reviews

5 reviews have given an average rating of 5 out of 5 Stars
LeCat127 gave a rating of 5

One of my favorite short stories I've ever read. The emotions are spot on and the way it's written really pulled me in. Excellent work.

Amber Jones gave a rating of 5

I think the structure of the story is fantastic! It's definitely sad, but in a touching way. I think the way it was all written out was interesting, so keep writing!

Annielol399 gave a rating of 5

This is great! I mean it's very sad but still great!

Thomas Ray gave a rating of 5

So sad! So good, but so sad!

Ghost gave a rating of 5

I'm confused, why is this bad? Its well written and i actually felt something which is hard for me normally. I didn't catch any major errors and for 14 this is really good. Great Job! Keep writing.

Skylar Thank you so much! I say it's bad because I really don't like my own writing. I've only read one of your submissions, but I really like it! I think the one I read was Still Running. Anyway, thank you for the feedback!
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