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Lindsay Elizabeth

Lindsay_Elizabeth is from US United States • 15 y/o • Female

F*ck Amber Heard


Search "Benedict Cumberbatch Memes" on Google. You won`t regret it.


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Robert Downey Jr.

Sup :)

My name is Lucy but I don`t like Lucy so you can call me Lindsay or Livi <3

How to spot me:

  • I have short dirty blonde hair.
  • Blue green eyes.
  • I`m 5 foot 3
  • Fair skin
  • Just mascara
  • Very skinny (fast metabolism)
  • I`m very fashionable
  • I never smile
  • I never talk
  • I stare alot (being observant)
  • I`m usually wearing white Chuck Taylors
  • I have clear skin #skincare
  • I always have a black leather jacket
  • Also, not to brag but I`m extremely beautiful

Fave colors: Rose gold, White, Teal, Turquoise, Silver, Black, Castleton Green, Salmon pink, Coral Pink.

Fave Foods: Pizza, Beef Ramen, Cheese, Tiramisu

Fave movies: Black Widow, Avengers,

Fave Songs: Torn, Post Malone, Burn, Warning, Neon Eyes, Titanium, Bad Blood, White Houses, 2002, Hate Me, Kings And Queens

Fave Books: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Ignite Me, Defy Me, Believe Me, Imagine Me, Girl Out Of Water, Wonder, The Penderwicks

Personality Traits:

  • I`m a little jerk
  • I get angry easily
  • I`m a bitch
  • I`m very thoughtful
  • I overthink everything
  • Nice (kinda)
  • Tiny but doesn't underestimate
  • I`m depressed (tragic past)
  • Will stare/glare @ you for a solid 30 seconds if you insult me

What I do in my spare time:

  • Browse YouTube aimlessly
  • Listen to music
  • Write
  • Imagine unreal scenarios that might never happen
  • Worry about my appearance
  • Watch Marvel movies
  • Play minecraft
  • Do my makeup
  • Think about my life
  • Exist

My Passions:

  • Acting
  • Sketching
  • Interior Designing
  • Fashion Design
  • Modeling
  • Writing


I created a (new) aesthetic!

Pink eyeshadow | Black mascara | Oversized hoodies | pink Vans! | Huge dangly earrings | footie socks | #riverridergirl | Loki Fangirl | Disney Princess (literally!) | 2 showers a day | #angerfromtrauma | lives on shortstories101 | can`t cook to save her life | expensive perfume | bath and body works | mommy issues | skinny jeggings | cute blouses | BOOTS! | Morgan Wallen is the best music artist | Invisalign! | Perfected sarcasm | Great actor | doesn`t take bullsh*t | | Vegan on Mondays and Fridays | Healthy diet | Books! | Church on Sundays and Wendesdays | Vanilla Cappiuchinos | Starbucks! | Ramen w/ Hot sauce | Active Lifestyle | Always traveling | VSCO girl| Waterfalls her own drinks

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