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The Proposal
The Proposal

The Proposal

Lindsay_ElizabethLindsay Elizabeth
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I sigh as I sip my Earl Gray tea. I`m reading a fashion magazine witth my toy Maltipoo, Snicker. I`m sitting on the balcony on my swing chair enjoying the view of the great, vast countryside. Parker went out to the store to go shopping, so I`m all alone. The sun comes out from behind the cloud and I pull my sunglasses off my forehead to shield my eyes. I yawn and stretch. I set my tea on the stool next to my chair. My stomach grumbles as I hoist myself up out of my swing, and onto my feet. I open the glass screen door and walk into the kitchen.Snicker bumps his snout against my tennis shoes. I laugh and open the Samsung fridge and grab the omelet I made myself this morning. I grab a bag of spinach and a jar of Salsa. I grab a spoon, knife and fork out of the utensil drawer. Snicker yaps at me. Snicker wants my omelet.

"No, Snicker. You can`t have my omelet." I scold. He whines and drops to the floor. I take a plate from the cabinet and put my omelet on it. Then, I walk over to the microwave and stick my omelet in it. I press the 30 second button and grab a sparkling water out of the bottom drawer in the fridge. Grabbing a shot glass, I set it beside the sparkling water. I get a glass from the cabinet and some lemon juice from the fridge. The omelet is done cooking. I fill the shot glass with the juice and put it into the glass. Then, I open the lime sparkling water and pour it over the lemon juice. I walk to the microwave and take my omelet out of it. I open the spinach bag and pour it onto the plate. Then, I take the salsa and dump two spoonfuls beside the spinach. Satisfied, I put the salsa and spinach away. I set it down on the table in the breakfast nook and begin to eat.

Once I`m done with my food, I text Parker.

Ashleigh: When are you going to be home?

Parker: Two hours.

Ashleigh: Alright, babe have fun shopping! :)

Parker: Alright, sweetheart love you!

Ashleigh: Love you too!

I put my phone on the counter and walk to my room. Since we`re still dating, we don`t share a room. I walk into my closet and pick out something sporty. A pair of hot pink leggings, A grey Nirvana band tank top, a sports bra, a pair of footies, and my grey New Balance tennis shoes with the silver metallic streak. I walk across the hall to our bathroom and grab a towel. I decided I need a shower. I undress and turn on the hot water. I throw my pajamas into the hamper and step into the shower. I use my standard routine. First, I wash my hair with my mint shampoo, then follow that routine with the conditioner to match. Next, I wash my face with my eucalyptus oil based facewash followed by some rose scented facial salts. Then, I wash my body with my rose scented bodywash. Finally, I coat my legs in shaving cream and shave.

Once I get out of the shower, I dry myself off, and get dressed. After I get dressed, I run a brush through my hair and then walk to the bathroom sink to wring it out. I continue this process until my hair is nearly dry. I finish this process by drying it with a hairdryer. I brush my hair one last time and sit down on my bed to put my socks and shoes on. Once I get that done, I grab my Hot Pink Baseball cap. It`s the one with my initials on it. Not satisfied with my hair, I pull it into a ponytail and weave it through the back of my hat. I walk to the kitchen, with Snicker trailing close behind, and grab my phone off the counter. I check the home screen to see if I have any new notifications. There`s one from my photoshop app about a new upgrade. I open the app and then upgrade it. Once I`m done with that, I grab Snicker`s leash, my purse, my keys, my phone, airpods and bottle of water. I put Snicker in the backseat, hop in the car, start it up and drive to my walking trail.

Once I`m at my walking trail, I park on the worn-out patch of grass. I get my stuff, (except my purse) and grab Snicker and set him on the ground. I hook the leash onto his collar, and begin walking. I start off walking, then I gradually start jogging. I don`t run, for fear of hurting Snicker. I walk the mile to the pond, then I sit on the bench that Parker made out of wood planks. Snicker looks thirsty, so I pour some water into the cap of my bottle and let Snicker take his fill. Once my heart rate starts settling down, I stand up. I walk the mile back to my car, put Snicker in the backseat, shut the door, and start up the car. Then I drive off.

Once I`m back in the driveway, I notice Parker`s truck is here. I hope he had a good time shopping. I let Snicker out of the backseat, grab my stuff, and open the door. All of the lights are off.

"Parker?" I call. Silence. I walk into the dining room. Parker is down on one knee, and holding a simple solitare engagement ring with three diamonds. The band is gold.

"Ashleigh Margot Potter, I have loved you since the day we met. You are kind, beautiful and extraordinary. Will you marry me?" He asks, eyes filled with tears and hope.

" Yes! Oh my god!' I say, crying, "Yes! I`m going to be your wife! Babe I love you so much!" I exclaim, tears falling down my face. A sigh of relief escapes his mouth before he`s back on his feet. Our lips clash together and I can`t even think straight. I love Parker.

Author Notes: Hey Y`all! I hope y`all enjoyed! Please leave a review and recommend! Thank you! :)

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Lindsay Elizabeth
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15 Apr, 2022
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5 mins
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