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Not for the faint of hearts ❣️
Not for the faint of hearts ❣️

Not for the faint of hearts ❣️

SnowFiona Snow

It seems like it’s been years. I didn’t think it would happen to me but it did.

Is this experience for me to share?

Here goes nothing.

I met a boy a few months back. We exchanged messages to get to know each other a little better. As time passed we got onto the subject of meeting up in person. Then the disaster started happening.

First meet we went to the coffee shop. Disaster number one is when he dropped and tried to open a bottle of fizzy soda. We can all just imagine how that went. Second disaster was when we tried to go to the billiard place I use to go to which is now closed down. Despite of these he still asked to see me for a second date. I tried to brush it off & gave him a second chance.

Come the day of the meet for a second date. He offered to cook for me, I accepted with joy. Disaster number 3, the meat was so dry I had to push it down with a glass of wine. Although I appreciate his hospitality my thoughts were. European food can be tasteless sometimes (not all). After the meal he said would you like to see the view from my balcony. I needed fresh air so I said yes. Disaster number 4, only to look at overgrown trees that’s blocking the view of nature. I’m a fan of nature sights but this one was literally just trees without depth which I could not enjoy with the shining sun.

He then proceeded to make a move for a cheeky kiss. There wasn’t much to manoeuvre with as all he seems to be doing was sucking my lips, disaster number 5. Then he held my hand and lead me to his bedroom. As the clothes came off and started to kiss my neck he also started to hump my leg (not sure if I need to class this a disaster number 6). He then stopped for a second to say I have a “tight kitty” and came after a few pumps (that’s a disaster for sure).

We had no choice but to brush it off and watched a film we had planned before the meet. Half way through the film he ask me if we could take a break and went straight to the bedroom again. His rhythm was questionable I had to ask him if I could go on top. I think at this point I’m on disaster 100. He lied there like a dead fish while trying to not explode so I said you can go back on top now. After a few thrust all I can hear was him moaning out loudly. You would think that I was done at this point but nope, I politely stayed to finish off the rest of the film and said my goodbye.

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Fiona Snow
About This Story
6 Sep, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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