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Not so easy...

Not so easy...

By futurerAuthor101

It was a hot summer day. There was nothing to do so Manny decided to throw a party since her parents where working extra hours tonight. Manny called up some of her best friends: Katy , Jenny ,an Destiny so they can get the party started. Destiny suggested to invite her whole contact list from her phone , Katy suggested to bring boys , an Jenny decided to bring food an drinks . Manny didn't see why not , so she went inside the house an got everything ready... At 12p.m everyone had arrived. Katy brought chips an dips for food , an alcoholic beverages. Jenny brought a gang of her brother friends an his football team, there was more then enough people. At 1:30 the party finally began
There was music , an a lot of food. Manny had too many drinks in one night , she was wasted ,she started throwing up an getting drowsy, she didn't know what was going on. She went upstairs to her room to cool down a little , an all of a sudden the lights came off an she heard the door slam behind whoever it was ,that was in the room with her. She was so drunk she thought it was some crazy side effect . She turned over to her right an went to sleep.
When Manny woke up , she found herself laid out in a dark room full of stuffed animals , an pictures of her on the wall. She thought it was a dream , but when she heard a voice say her name she knew this was really happening. The voice came from a distance ,she saw a man sitting in a chair , feeling on a teddy bear calling it Manny. Manny started screaming for her life, but as soon as she could call for help , he cut her head off an that was the end of ever seeing Manny.
Manny friends had set her up to die , because they knew she couldn't hold her liquor....

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30 Jun, 2014
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