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Nothing but Puns

Nothing but Puns

By peanut1

Jen and Leon were best friends. They did almost everything together. Today, even though one of them could go inside, both were laying in the boiling heat. 
"What should we talk about?" asked Leon.
Jen grunted. She rolled around and yawned. After tossing and turning, she said, "I don't know. It's bananas out here. Not entirely a-peel-ing." 
"Ha ha, very funny," said Leon. He tossed a grape in his mouth and munched it slowly. "If we had some outdoor air conditioning, that would be grapes."
Jen grinned and cracked open a can of soda. "I'm not feeling too bubbly today," she said sadly. Then she downed her soda with a laugh.
"Hey, knock knock!" said Leon, pretending to knock on an invisible door. 
"Who's there?" 
"Cows," said Leon. 
"Cows who?"
"No, silly, cows moo!" Both doubled over, laughing so hard tears filled their eyes. 
The two were no longer hot, and the picnic lunch was finished. Both were hungry, and Jen groaned, "I'm Hungary."
"Czech the fridge," answered Leon, trying to stifle a chuckle. "There's some Turkey."
"Perfect, it's like Iceland in that fridge! I'll cool off!" 
The two linked arms and ran towards the house. They packed a lunch, ate some snacks, and sat outside again. The sun was setting. It looked oh so beautiful.
"You're my best friend, Jen."
"You too, Leon."
It grew dark. The sandwiches were eaten. The two were smiling. They got their lunch and ran to the house again. Even after the two were done playing, and Leon had left, a warm feeling of comical relief washed through the hot yard. 
"It's been quite an a-peel-ing day."

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15 Aug, 2015
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1 min
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