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Nothing Can Heal
Nothing Can Heal

Nothing Can Heal

AvantikaAnandAvantika Bhosle

What do you do when tears roll down your cheek?
What do you do when the universe makes you feel weak?
Is it possible to feel dead while you’re alive?
Is it possible, with the feeling, to survive?
What are the remedies?
Is it only to re-live those beautiful memories?
Oh tell me, bloody, how do I live like this?
Pls come to give me a death bed kiss.
That’s all I’d ask for,
Because I am all by myself in this war,
Can’t deal no more,
sick n tired, eyes are sore.
Need to go away for real,
Since nothing can heal.

Author Notes: There is no intention of promoting suicidal thoughts, it’s only a content to read and sympathise.

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About The Author
Avantika Bhosle
About This Story
11 Nov, 2018
Read Time
<1 min
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