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Now I Am Gone

Now I Am Gone

By Simon Cowell

when all your hope is gone ,
you hope you wont have long ,
what did I do that was so wrong ,
a life filled with challenges to make me strong ,
when hope turns to fear ,
you hope your end is near ,
living life for the ones you hold so dear ,
a pray and a sign to make things clear ,
God and the Angels they know whats best ,
oh why do I feel only others are blessed ,
with cars and with money i was onced obbsessed ,
but now all I want is to finally rest ,
it aint been all bad but the good times never last ,
and the best of my life i feel is in the past ,
now only clouds and a sky over cast ,
this ship can no longer sail its broke its final mast ,
I shall love you forever and ever its true ,
I would be nothing if it wasnt for you ,
when i am no more please dont be blue ,
my love from above I shall send down to you

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About The Author
Simon Cowell
About This Story
24 Apr, 2014
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<1 min
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