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Nut Cracker Ballerina
Nut Cracker Ballerina

Nut Cracker Ballerina


The sound of the Nut Cracker music, as beautiful ballerinas hop in balancing on their tip toes one by one, as they all preformed beautiful dance preformances, they all had buns and beautiful crystal like ice tutu's, they danced and jumped in the air. They looked beautiful...

Elisa wanted to be a ballerina so she could jump high in the air and feel beautiful to herself, so her mother signed her up, and she became the best ballerina in ballerina school, Yami was jealous of Elisa, because Yami wanted to be the best and prettiest ballerina, so on the night of all the ballerinas doing their first Nut Cracker preformance, Elisa was ready to do the big jump that she always wanted to do, and so she spinned around, jumped and did a little twist spin in the air and kept her balance, let her arms out and her legs out and was finally happy to fly high in the air, everyone saw her flew high in the air and was amazed, Yami quickly ran and pulled the rope, the rope captured Elisa by the neck, and Yami pulled the rope, and Elisa died that very night...

No one knew who killed Elisa, but Elisa knew who did.

Few years later, Yami took the spotlight and became the most popular ballerina ever, on the night of the new Nut Cracker song, Yami came in and started to dance beautifully, the lights then flickered, and everyone caught a glimpse of Elisa. The lights stopped flickering, and Yami fell on the ground in terror, everyone starred at the stage in shock. Yami's head then flew off, and everyone saw, they all screamed and stand up, they all then saw Elisa do the Nut Cracker dance as she jumped around Yami's dead body and she made a jingle sound as she danced, she then slowly disappeared...

And that night, no one ever came to that Ballerina performance ever again, but they say, who ever enters and hear the jingle, your next to die on the list.

Author Notes: Ballerinas are very beautiful right? I think they are, comment down below how I did! Have a good day!

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17 Apr, 2021
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