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Of the Beauty of Angels
Of the Beauty of Angels

Of the Beauty of Angels

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She stood on a stone column, hunched over in fear. She glanced around, seeing nothing but bare rocks encompassed by dark, heavy air. She felt the wind pressing against her back, clutching at her clothes, pushing her towards the edge. Slowly, hesitantly, she leaned over the edge, her jaw dropping as she saw Them. The Angels.

She gasped in awe as she drank in the sight of their painfully beautiful wings. Most were not the pure, beautiful white of freshly fallen snow as they were always depicted, but instead made up of a vast variety of colors. Though few were akin to snowflakes in color, they were like to them in that no two were the same. This lack of uniformity did not detract from their beauty but instead gave them an aura of otherworldliness only before seen in the deepest recesses of her imagination. Deep blues and brilliant greens, dappled grays and browns, soft oranges and violent reds brighter than the sunrise. Stunning, vibrant, pulsating colors so beautiful that it hurt to set eyes on them.

The girl fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face as she stared at these creatures that had reduced her to sobs simply by the sight of their glorious vestiges. She gazed out at them, wanting to soar free upon the wind, aching to revel in the same freedom, when for all her life she had been unwanted, unloved, cast out. She laughed, echoing their happiness, tears flowing in streams down her cheeks, feeling the joy coursing through this place like its lifeblood.

Suddenly, she felt an overwhelming urge to join them, to share in that unimaginable joy. She couldn’t control herself. There was a look of expectancy on her hopeful face as she leapt off the edge, wanting to fly with them, needing to fly with them, never doubting that she would.

Eyes wild, she plummeted towards the ground, screaming in fear and desperation as she watched the ground rush closer with every pulsing, thundering beat of her heart. The ground cracked open beneath her, revealing a uncountable multitude of screaming, pain-filled faces wreathed in fire, scarred and burned. With one last desperate cry for help towards the still-laughing Angels, she hurtled into the abyss’s fiery embrace, sobbing in pain and horror as her skin began to blister and melt, her flesh sloughing off of her body. The earth closed around her, swallowing her screams as though she had never been there; leaving nothing but the mocking laughter of the Angels.

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9 Nov, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
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