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Old Zhang

Old Zhang

By darktrunk

Collectivism of thought ran deep.

The years on the planet were identical....he and i had woken up to the exact same days on the planet 'ceptin' for the first 90 days when i wasn't on the planet..

But that i was stuck somewhere deep inside my mother's chemistry...n' he wouldn't have been much more ahead o' me on that....cultural gulfs were, not that they were oceans since gulfs cannot fully explore the world of difference that we'd seen..and then 19 years back and especially from 16 years back we began to see the same morn's the same sunsets and breathe, for want of a better expression ..the air.......

The embodiment on all of this as i would now on refer to him as 'Old Zhang' coz he's 90 days older and me as 'Rock Head'..because my name translates into rock...and head comes from the modeling of my 'shi' with i'm Rock Head and he's Old Zhang...and he fixes bikes..and i crash mine so he can fix it......

''That's what's on my mind today''.

Author Notes: reading this a year or two past having written it and finding it today on my computer, i'm convinced it was initially going to be a Facebook post; one that never got posted.

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18 Sep, 2018
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