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I walk down the dim hallway before you get to my section of the school and I see a thin shadow. Clearly it was Rose because no-one waits in this hallway except for her. I don’t know why no-one likes this hallway but they don’t. Then the shadow is gone. Great this is how we are gonna start the day now isn’t it. Loud and obnoxious.

“Hello Olive!!” Rose exclaims randomly popping up right next to my ear.

“Hi Rose” I say as Rose Mimics my grim face as a side effect of her hello triggered. She says something about her family thanksgiving but I could care less.

My first two classes are Biology and Math. Math isn’t my strong suit but I get decent grades in the class. I get math with Rose so she always makes it fun because we both are absolute idiots so we balance each other out. After math we have electives number one is Band for me Rose isn’t a band geek but she will go to every concert I ever go to or have. In band we practice our music from before thanksgiving break. And we move onto me and Roses favorite elective, Creative Theatre Arts. Before our second elective we have a 15 minute break time and we can just talk in the halls. A bunch of girls start using their flirty laughs that catch our attention. Rose finally takes her eyes off of her phone to see what's happening. And her Jaw drops like it weighed more than her entire body. I look towards what's happening and catch the eye of a handsome boy. He was just looking at me, out of curiosity? I’m not sure what it was but I was disgusted by him. The blood under his skin bubbled differently than anything I had ever met. And me and my brothers are experts at blood because we are the last Phoenix Blood Demons. I can’t believe no-one else is noticing what he could possibly be.

As the whole class files into the classroom girls and boys chatter about the unknown boy that had talked to them for a while. Rose sighs as she walks to her seat next to mine.

“Wasn’t that guy just soo cute~” Rose asks to no particular person she just wanted an answer. It was her call, her call for hope. I guess, She had told me what everything had meant to her and told me to practice them so I understood her. But I didn’t have an answer for her. I had to many questions my self.

“I guess so.. His eyes were like emeralds so I guess that’s pretty cute.” I say partly mumbling to myself but loud enough for her to hear me.

“Oh and he was just so divine!” She gasps as she tends to her taint fairy wings like they were as soft as a ray of sunshine glowing through pink curtains in the early morning dew. Ms.Peterson walks into the classroom and the class quiets down.

“Good Morning class!” She sighs as she puts her books down on her desk. “There is a wonderful new student so I am gonna have to ask you all to be respectful for today and give a nice swell greeting.” She says and waves at the door welcoming the student into the class. Then the air gets tense as the class holds

there gasps. A tall young man walks into the classroom his hand pulling through his dark brown hair as his Emerald eyes wash over the entire class like he is taking in a new wonderful sight.

“Would you like to introduce yourself?” Ms. Peterson asks politely but loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Sure of course.” His voice seemed like an echo in the entire classroom. It was dark but light and fluffy and it wasn’t a voice failure it was his. The air in the class seemed to thin immediately making it hard to breath.

“I am 18 years old I turned 18 on October 25th and my name is Geremy. I am very excited to join your class today.” He smiles and his canines are not pointy they are flatish and barely sharp. But for some reason no one notices.

“Thank You Geremy for the wonderful introduction! You can sit right next to Ms. Olive, Olive please raise your hand.”

I raise my hand and my face feels blank and heavy. Rose taps me continuously while Geremy makes eye contact again with me. His Emerald eyes clearly know how amazing they are for sure.

Then he looks away.

“Oli did you hear that, He’s gonna sit next to you. To us!!” She whispers to me her voice high but only loud enough for me to hear. His smell was different to, He had a sweet bubbly smell to him and I couldn’t help it. I wanted his blood. I needed him. Rose kicked me from under the table and I wake up. I realized I was staring at my hands and biting down on my lip. I look up at Rose and she looks worried.

“Girl you bit so hard your lip is bleeding, are you okay?” She asks. My lip starts to burn.

“Yeah I’m fine sorry Rose.” I manage to breath out. Well there wasn’t much air to begin with the air had stayed thin even when he sat down. He just sat calmly like the air in his body had stayed the same the entire time. But the class was strained from talking and felt a bit excited. But they all knew for sure he caused the lack of air because of his act. For me it was more than just the act that thinned the air. It was what I didn’t know about him that was making me nervous. I wonder if I’ll be able to stop myself with him around.

“Damn you look terrible sweetheart.”

The dark voice boomed in my head and I had to shrink back. Rose smirks at me when I look at her desperate for help. I turn my head to Geremy and he looks worried. And I am suddenly aware that my lip is really bleeding and hurts really bad.

“I’ll be ok I do this when I am nervous.” Wait what! I never do this. What am I even saying I look up into his eyes hoping he didn’t catch the fib that left my mouth. He was still worried and I didn’t know what to do.

“She will heal in a little bit. Sorry to worry you Geremy.” Roses voice lifts up as she realizes that I just told a Lie and that I clearly need help. After class everyone crowded Geremy’s desk, I was pushed out of the classroom with no way of ever coming back. Of course Rose had stayed because no one would ever push her. She was really popular which was weird because she was a real geek for a lot of weird things. And she hang out with a total weirdo. Thats me. Anyway I watch the chatter of questions shooting at Geremy but one question quiets everyone.

“What are you?”

Geremy stops in his trying to pack up and answer questions. And his face gets really pale. Ms. Peterson Pushes through the crowd and tells them to all get to lunch and everyone is escorted out of the classroom. I watch Geremys face gets softer as people started to leave. But I had the same question. What are you?

Author Notes: I hope you like this story.. I'm still working on it though so it's not the best.. sorry :)

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30 Apr, 2020
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6 mins
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