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Olivia and Ollie: Part Two

Olivia and Ollie: Part Two

By Addie - 2 Reviews

I sat alone at the lunch table, watching everyone around me talk and laugh with their friends.

I wish mine was here to talk to.

No matter what I thought about, my mind came back to Ollie. I thought, what if Ollie got so sick he passed out on the bathroom floor and needs help. Or I thought, what if he got shoved in his locker by a bully. I just couldn't stand the thought of this.

I checked the clock. There was still a good twenty minutes of lunch left. I would go find Ollie.

I ran to the boy's bathroom and knocked on the door. No Ollie.

I went to Ollie's locker. No Ollie.

I went to the library. No Ollie.

I was just about to give up when I saw a small figure standing by my locker. All I could tell of them is that they were fiddling with something in there hands. They then put it up to the locker and ran down the hallway towards me. It was Ollie.

"Hi, Ollie!"

Ollie quickly realized that I was there and went completely white for a split second. He blushed and said,

"Oh, hey Olivia."

"Where have you been?"



Ollie looked panicked and blurted out,

"The bathroom"

I was still suspicious but believed him. He was my best friend after all.

The bell then rung and mobs of students came pouring in to the halls. Hurrying to their lockers so they wouldn't be late for class. I didn't want to be late either so I went to my locker, But when I opened it a small peice of paper flew out.

I picked it up, wondering what it could be.

On the front, in perfect penmanship, it said, To:Olivia

I opened it and on the inside it said,

Dear Olivia,

I want to get straight to the point in this letter. I like you. I like everything about you. I like how tiny you are. How long your hair is. How your freckles go everywhere. I like how sweet you are. How smart you are. How kind you are. How fun you are. I like how you laugh. How you talk. How you walk. I like everything. Please don't take this note as stalker-ish. I will remain unnamed becuase I don't have any guts to tell you who I am.


Your Secret Lover

I just stood there. Gaping at the letter.

I had to get to the bottom of this.

Author Notes: I hope you liked this!
Comment if you would like a part three!!!

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About This Story
12 Mar, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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