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By djreed7100 - 1 Review

Artie curiously machines out, 'look at what they are doing now.  The humanoids are not only possessing time as they would otherwise normally do but the are apparently inhaling a substance and obtaining new time measures.'  I have difficulty in taking anything that sputters out of Artie's mouth in this context seriously.  'Wow, would you look at that,' I say half-heartedly.  Art makes off for the positron, a tool we use in examining the earthlings.  The interesting characters on spectron 9 like to refer to there environment as Earth, therefore they are earthlings.  Spizzy specs is what we call them.  Little spizzy specs.  The specs are surrounding by a mist being produced by the substance.  Through this mist,.. air pockets are forced outward from their lungs causing explosions that cascades in to a current that eventually dissipate into the omnisphere.  Silly Spizzies.

They appear to be happy.  Perhaps all they're concerns are cascading away.  Fat chance.  What with us constantly probing and testing them.  The Specs have no idea of this tyranny that plans out they're every moment. They have no idea what is next.  Fools.  They cannot get at whatever it is they are trying to get at, ever.  It makes one think who is controlling us when we reach and cannot grab.  Are we specs to?  Perhaps but, we have to determine now the source of the misty substance.

  In order to transfer to Earths atmosphere we must prepare our skin.  Earthlings think the sun is hot, try traveling five times the speed of light.  This hyper speed is vital to our safe travel, nine times the speed of light.  I hear now, 'goop goop, rinse, wash, spray' as Artie warms up megatron 9000.  'Okay Will, it's ready.'  'All right, I am going in.  See you there Art,' I step in.  In a blink of an eye wind is thrust at me and  behind me at high speeds.  Cancelation is the science here.  One current one way, the other, the other way and wa-la, mute wind.  The wind speed here is so fast, it's deafening.  In this vortex of current, time begins to slow, all the while speeding up.  Talk about a paradox.  You cannot react to this, your thoughts become jammed initially.  Your thoughts then slowly begin to materialize after the freeze stage, about seven minutes.  Many travels occur entirely while one is asleep due to over complicated time structures or at least those travelers remember a very little amount of quantitative data.

Brooooom, clack and the data matrix machine initiates the program.   To block out the sounds I begin thinking about a rather delightfully beautiful romroid I met while stationed  on Orb.  As I attempt to resurrect her image, I see is what a humanoid would most likely experience from the nineteen sixties would be seeing while under the influence of acid.  Colors, all colors I see in ribbons and bows, flowing colors.  Green, soft cool greens mixing in with bright blues.  Yellow, warm yellows now surround me.  Then quiet darkness.  I cannot see much of anything.  I can hear however.  I hear Artie rambunctiously pressing buttons.  I make sense of an image.  It's Artie with his hands and feet on the dials.  'Stop thing, stop,' he say's.  oh no what has he done now? 

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1 Oct, 2014
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2 mins
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