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On the Fence About Love (Part 1)
On the Fence About Love (Part 1)

On the Fence About Love (Part 1)


I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing. Five more minutes I think to myself.

"Wake up, Hallie!" Mom shouts from downstairs.

Guess not. As I get ready for the day I walk into my closet and pick out my favorite pair of shorts. This pair of shorts hold a great memory. Jenna, Jenna Winters has the same pair. She looks so good in them too. I mean ever since 7th grade I have had this budding feeling for Jenna. It can't ever happen because she is popular, hot, rich, outgoing. Perfect. I remember exactly how she looked in the fierce summer heat the August of freshman year. Her long, slender, tan legs glowing in the sunlight. I got turned on more and more just by the simple thought of her.

"Hallie! Five more minutes and I am coming up there to personally beat you!" she jokingly called, "Okay I won't beat you but you still need to hurry up or we will be late!"

I couldn't get the image of Jenna out of my head as I was going down the steps. I hate thinking of Jenna in front of other people, it make me feel awkward and uncomfortable.

"I can take you to school if you want or you could see if Jenna would like too--"

"Nope. Nope, I'm good. Can you take me?" I tried being subtle by that didn't exactly work.

"Oh... Yeah, sure can take you if you want." She smiled at me, but with a weird look. So much for subtle Hallie J. Parker. Way to go.

Mom and I walked out to the 'family mobile' (a hideous baby puke green Ford Focus, mom prefers 'family mobile and not 'piece-of-crap-I-will-hopefully-never-have-to-drive-mobile.) but I stopped mid-driveway to stop and take in the wonderful sight that was Cory McAllister. The enticing sophomore lived across the street. He came from a troubled background, his parents always fought and drank. They blamed everything on Cory, and slowly he shut down and became the town hoodlum. I don't know... Something about him... Something about him made my heart skip a beat and beat faster at the same time. What he did to me was the same thing Jenna did, and they did it without even noticing.

To be continued...

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7 May, 2016
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1 min
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