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One Chance Part 4 (Joshler)
One Chance Part 4 (Joshler)
This story has some quality issues

One Chance Part 4 (Joshler)


I sat on the couch, wondering about Josh. I had been secretly checking on him after the insedent, but he still hadent talked to me. I wasent going to tell his mom. I kenw what would happen and NO ONE desserves it. I got up and as soon as I was starting to walk up stairs I heard a BUM BUM BUM BUM and then a pretty sick drum solo. The door to his room was slightly cracked and I opened it some. I saw Josh (Even though he did not see me) hitting the drums with more power than I thought he had. He kept going as I opened the door all the way and leaned against the doorway. He kept drumming for a good 2 minutes. He looked at me, nodded at me, and kept going. Somthing about him seemed charming. His eyes..... I shook me head. "No.... I cant let him know...." I thought to my self. I realized that Blurryface had been leaving me alone, and I was glad of it. About 5 minutes later he stopped and put the drum sticks neatly behind him. "What do you want" He said, annoyed. "I was just listening, no nead to bite my head off." I retorted. "Anyway, you have been distant. I wanted to see if you wanted to talk to anyone." Josh sighed and looked down. "Its not your job to worry about me..." he mumbled. "Yeah, but I know what you are going through." Josh looked up at me. "JUST LEAVE ME-" He started to yell, but sighed. "Just leave me alone." Anger flared in me. "WELL I DONT WANT YOU TO KILL YOUR SELF!" I yelled as I stomped out of the room.

"Tyler, Im sorry, Please, I do want to talk I just dont want to be sent away." Josh pleaded. I layed under the blacket, tears rolling down my face. Josh didn't know me. No one does. Josh walked over and sat next to me. "I was so scared when you were in the hospital. I was worried you may die" Josh said. "I couldent imagine living without you. You are the best friend ever, and tht is the truth. You may be the only reason im here right now." The last sentance sent a shiver through me."Josh?" I asked. "Yeah" I heard a quiet reply. "Your mom is out seeing what they are going to do with me right?" I asked. I felt Josh shift. "Tyler. Im NOT going to let you be a orphan." He said annoyed. "My mom is going to see if... if..." He stopped. "If you can live with us. we couldent be brothers, but my mom wants to make sure you can live with us." I sat up. "What?" I said in supprise. "You may be living with us Tyler." Josh said slowly. My haid felt light, and before I knew it I heard josh. "Tyler? TYLER?!" As I slowly lost consienceness.

I woke up on the couch with Ice on my head. My head hurt like it had been shot. I groaned as I sat up. I could hear Josh and his mom talking. "So, he will be able to stay, But he will need to go to a theripist. The Social Services is requireing it." Fuck.... not that shit. As I tried to get up pain shot through my head like a bullet. I fell back down and groaned. Josh and Josh's Mom came in. "Good, Your awake." Josh said with fake happyness. Josh's mom came and sat next to me. "So, Josh told me you asked while I was gone. Do you want to talk now or in a bit?" She sked. I looked at Josh. "I already heard, and if it gives me a home I guess ill do it..." I said, even if the last thing I wanted was to be away from Josh. She nodded. "Ok." She looked a bit more seriously. "By the way I know I seem distant, I somtimes cant help it but I want you to know I do cre for you." I nodded. Josh looked at his mom. "Can me and him share a room?" He asked.and his mom looked thoughtful. "Well, yall would have to share a bed for a bit but if its ok with Tyler then sure!" I nodded eagerly. Josh, for the first time in what seems like forever, gave a real smile. I smiled back."Heh heh. Well I guess someone does care. But you cant get rid of me, because im a voice, and you cant get rid of me like your dad and like you made your mom do. And I hope you know your next. You will never excape me Tyler, Never."


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22 Jun, 2017
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3 mins
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