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Once Upon a Lie

Once Upon a Lie

By TheMaskedWriter - 1 Review

Once upon a lie, yes, once upon a lie. This is how my life is now. Every one of the lies and phony reasons I said is happening really at this now. But first, how about we backtrack a bit.

My name is Sophia and I am a princess. I normally get all that I need, but this one day when I was 5 years of age, I wanted to lie. The day after today was my birthday. What's more, birthday events should be huge celebrations, right? So I chose to start my birthday early. I had school today, but, I didn't want to go, so I lied.

"Mom, my stomach hurts." I fake cried.

"OH my, Sophia, you should rest my dear. No school today for you. " My mother answered worriedly.

"But, Mom… I have that math test today, remember?" I coughed once more, to make it look more reliable.

"Oh my, take a look at my dear girl, so studious." My mother answered, kissing me on my head. Out of nowhere, I felt an upheaval of disappointment. I opened my mouth to tell her the truth, but...

"Mother... I really… " But my mother cut me off in the center.

"Not another word Sophia, you need to rest." My mother said as she left the room. I had never been this repentant however as the day went on, I disregarded it and eventually forgot about it.

"It's only one lie. What's the worst that can happen?"

But that wasn't the only time I lied, the following day, I had horse riding. I generally loved horse riding but today, I don't want to ride horses. So I lied… once more.

"Ouch, mother, I tripped. My ankle hurts so much. " I tried to cry.

"Sophia! Honey! Are you alright?" My mother asked, taking a look at my ankle.

"Mother, I'm fine, but my ankle… OUCH!"

"No Horse riding for you today."

"But, mother! Horse riding is my favorite!" I argued to make it look like I was lying.

"No, means no Sophia! End of conversation."

After my mother left, I smiled to myself! I have another free day.

Today was the day of my birthday! I was beyond excited. I would open every one of the gifts and every one of them would be mine.

"Good morning Sophie dear, happy birthday." Mom said joyfully giving me a huge present. I realized it was huge, yet something just made me feel that was small. However, I opened it.

"Oh… It's a telescope. I said I wanted a bike." I never needed a bike, but out of nowhere, I was all envious and not grateful for the things I have.

"Oh… Did you now? If you wanted one for your birthday then, you will!" Mom consoled me, and called the butcher, and told him to get a pink bike.

"With a basket," I added.

After I got up, more presents were sitting tight for me. And every one of them just appeared to be too little, too small, not what a princess wanted.

"Goodness... A bracelet... It's, it's decent. " I told the butcher and moved on to my next gift.

"A pink ball (I loved balls and I love pink.), alright."

As I went through the heap of presents, I began getting increasingly self-centered and not appreciative of the things I had, well until the last present; my bicycle. But I still didn't express those feelings.

"Princess, your bicycle." The butcher said, pointing to a huge wrapped-up present.

I grinned, I grinned interestingly however I didn't try saying "thank you". As I left the room, I felt a look of surprise and dissatisfaction from my parents.

The following day, I lied once more.

"Mother, I am being bullied in school. I don't wanna go!" I wined and began to cry. "They are so mean to me, they, they mock me for wearing these dresses."

"Sophia, Sophia, I'm so grieved, don't go to class, it's alright, it's alright." My mother soothed me.

I streaked a grin and began playing. But, that wasn't the finish of my lies. I kept lying for each little thing. I would say…

"Mother, I got a bad dream, I can't go pony riding. "

"Father, ouch, my finger. I can't write now."

"Mother! Father! Help me! My head!! I can't read!!"

I would say these things to escape practice or to stop working. My parents, in the end, discovered I was lying, lying for everything, so they stopped trusting me.

"Sophia! Not a word. Stop there, young lady. Your lies are going too far. It's an ideal opportunity to recuperate those untruths. I'm declaring that whoever heals my daughter will get 10000 dollars."

"Lots of men came, they tried healing my lies, but failed. That is until one day, Ben came. He took a look at me and murmured something to my father. I didn't want to waste my time looking at these people fixing me, so I chose to lie once more.

"Oh, my, that bad dream, it was so unnerving, I can't stand up. No, I can't." I lied, attempting to fall on my bed.

"You see? How she lies for everything? YOU MUST CURE HER!!" My father pleased Ben.

"Indeed your highness."

The following day, Ben got back with a spray bottle and showered it multiple times all over, 4 times on my hands, and 3 times on my legs. I rolled my eyes, did he think I would cure my lies with water? But, I wasn't aware that the spray bottle contained no ordinary water, it was magical water.

The following day, when I lied, the worked out as expected. And when I did, all my lies came true. Yes, they happened in real life, and so did all the lies I used before. My friends harassed me for the dresses I wore (even if they were nice), I had serious headaches and awful bad dreams. I even broke my ankle while riding my Horse. So now I am going through every single lie I told previously. So don't lie for something you don't wish to do. Never lie, regardless of whether it's for the littlest thing.

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11 Dec, 2021
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