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One Chance Part 2 (Joshler)
One Chance Part 2 (Joshler)
This story has some quality issues

One Chance Part 2 (Joshler)


I hear Joshua talking on the phone, asking his mom to pick us up. "Heh, you need a stranger to help you!" Blurryface snickered. I ignored him. Joshua put his phone down and looked at me. His bright purple hair catches my attention. "Ok, so my moms gonna come and pick us up and take us to m-" he paused, realizing I was staring at his hair. He laughed for a second, but i was embarrased. "Yeah, hes laughing at you! You deserve it!" Blurryface hissed "-I get that alot" Joshua was talking, and I hadent been listening. What if he had said somthing important? I smiled at him. "Hey, you dont have to do this, I dont deserve it..." I had said. He looked at me seriously. "Tyler. Everyone deserves sympathy." He said seriously. Just then a silver lamborghini came to the edge of the street and the driver rolled down the window. The woman had dark brown hair and blue eyes. " Joshua, is this" She looked at me "The kid?" "Yeah your just a nobody kid that has no friends" Blurryface said. "Yes mom, and please don't call him just a kid, I told you his name, you should call him it!" Joshua said annoyed. I smiled. No one ever stood up for me. "Whatever. Just get in the car Joshua Don and...." She looked at me again. "Tyler"

I was wrapped up in a blanket, sitting on the couch with Joshua watching All My Sons. "Thanks Joshua" I said quietly. He looked at me. "Please, call me Josh" He gave me a big smile. "Ok, Josh" I smiled back. It was a fake smile, but a real mile means im insane so I would rather fake smile. The car ride back was a bit quiet, but there was music so that was better then silence. "Okay" Blurryface was saying. " So lets list what you did wrong today, you cried in front of a stranger, you let him rea-" I looked at Josh as he started talking to me. "So, what was wrong? I mean, you dont cry alone for no reason?" "DoNt IgNoRe Me BiTcH!!!" Blurryface was screaming, but I ignored him. "Kids at school, and my father was drunk again" I mumbled as a rolled up my pants and showed him my bruises. Josh looked at my very conserned. "What did your mom do?" Josh asked urgently. I looked down as tears formed in my eyes. "M-my moms dead....." I wispered. I could slightly see Josh's eyes widen. "Oh my goodness! Im so sorry!" he said, feeling bad. "YoU dOnT dEsErVe ThIs EmPaThY" Blurryface continued screaming. More tears formed in my eyes. "I-its fine...... Its just hard to keep Z-zach safe from him....." I said through tears. Sudently I felt a tug and arms go around my body. "No one deserves a life like that" Josh had wispered. "You don't know half of it...." I mumbled. He lossened slighly. "What do you mean?" He asked, even more conserned. "I-I just want him to leave my alone. I hte the broken peace of skin im in...." Suddently i felt myself hicuping and tears fell even faster and harder going down my eyes. Josh had been silent for a second and then embrased me even harder. He took a deep breath and sighed. "To many people..." He had mumbled. Had I offended him? "I-Im sorry...." I said. He looked at me. "Don't be." Was all he said. His embrased my body and warmed me up. I felt my body drift into sleep.

"DONT TRUST HIM!" I screamed at my younger self. Younger me and Blurryface where playing a game when he tripped the younger me. The little me looked up at him. "Are you mad at me?" The little me looked down. " I don't deserve you for a friend..." Blurryface glared at him with anger. "No. YoU dOnT dEsErVe Me, YoU lItTlE mOtHeR FuCkEr!" Blurryface was screaming at the little tyler. Tears went down both of our eyes. I woke up, crying and sweating. Another nightmare. I dont need more of those. Wait..... where- oh yeah. Josh's house. Sudently the door opened and Josh came in with Zach. "Tyler!!!" Zach ran and hugged me as Josh stood smiling. I looked at him. "Thank you".


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21 Jun, 2017
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3 mins
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