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One Chance Part 3 (Joshler)
One Chance Part 3 (Joshler)
This story has some quality issues

One Chance Part 3 (Joshler)


I looked at Tyler. He was so happy to see Zach. I was just happy that they where both ok. I had fould Zach on the streets, crying. I was so scared for him. So i took him home. I looked at the clock. It was 3:59. Tyler's words still warmed me. "Are you ok Zach?" I asked. He must have been no older than a 3rd Grader. He looked at Tyler. "Daddy hit me and told me to leave......" He mimpered. Tyler's eyes filled with rage. "That little b-" The rage left his eyes and turned to sadness. I could see tears forming in both of their eyes and they hugged. I was walking into the kitchen as i heard a crash and a bright light came. I ran out of the front door. There, ran into a tree, was a black truck. There was a man inside. I ran inside and called 911.

Tyler was outside with me. "Thats a lot of fire" he said. I looked at him as he continued. "In fact, it looks like my dads tr-" He stopped and stared for a second, then ran for a second. "Thats my dads lisence number..." Tyler said. Suddently The truck's engine exploded, sending fire everywhere. Tyler flew back. I ran to him. He was unconcience, but breathing. I looked at his hand. Panic spread through my body as i saw the burn marks. The police came with firefighters and 2 ambulances. They put out the fire and opened the door. A man that looked like Tyler came out along with 5 bottles of beer. Tears flew into my eyes. "No one desserves a life like this. No one." I thought. The police where talking to my mom. Another police offacer, a lady, came up to me. "They need to take this boy to the ER. Would you like to come?" She asked kindly. I nodded through tears. "Let me grab somthing first" i managed to squeek out. I ran in and grabbed Tyler's Notepad and a pensil. The police officer let me in the ambulance. I cried the whole way there.

I sat next to Tyler as he layed in his bed. It had been worse than he thought. A concussion and 2nd degree burns on his hand and chest. Tears went down my face. Tyler looked so... so lifeless.He was hooked to so many machines, so many needles.... I shivered. I sang a song that always helped me. It may help him. "We don't believe what's on TV, because it's what we want to see and what we want we know we can't believe. We have all learned to kill our dreams" I wisper sang to him. Tyler's head turned to me and his eyes opened slightly. "Josh." He wispered. "Is that you?" Hope sparked in me. "y-y-yes it i-is." I stuttered through tears. He rose his hand and wiped my tears. "Don't cry." He put his hand back down. "Its so cold in here..." he said as he drifted into sleep. I looked at him, hope sparking in me. "He will be ok"

Two Weeks Later |-/

I sat on the couch as I heard my mom talking on the phone. "Ok, we will be right there." My mom said. She put the phone down. "Joshua, we need to go, Tyler is being relesed from the hospital. Zach sat up. "TYLERS COMING BACK?" Zch asked eagerly. I weakly smiled. "Yes he is." I said. i missed his face. Why was I not exited? Somthing about me latly, I just havent been happy. I just felt like.... dieing. I got in the front seat and looked outside Everything was so grey. We pulled up and i got out, helping Zach out as well. We walked in. The lady in the front asked who I was here for. "Tyler Joseph" I said quietly She looked at me and calmly said. "Romm 734" I walked down the hallway. "731.... 732... 733.... 734!"" I counted the numbers. I walked in to see Tyler sitting on his bed, looking out the window. "Hey Josh" He said quietly. I walked over to him and sat next to him. His hand was wrapped up. I looked at him, his eyes bloodshot nd his cheeks wet. "you'r..." I stammered "You'r Getting out today." He rolled his eyes. "Oh great. Ill get to be depressed at somone elses house" I looked at him. This wasent like him. He picked up his bag and walked out. leaving me to sit on the bed alone.


I sat in the bathroom crying as i held the razor blade. I wanted to be dead. Tyler was so depressed, I just felt like i felt all of his pain. I looked down as the blood trickled down my arm. It just made me feel numb. It felt better than all the pain. I put another cut on my arm. Somone knocked on the door "I need to use the restroom." I heard Tyler's voice say. "Go away" I said still crying as I hid the blade. "Josh, I just need the restroom." My mom was out of the house getting stuff with Zach. "LEAVE ME ALONE" I screamed. There was silence. I pulled my sleve down. "Josh." Tyler sighed. "I know what you'r doing, I just want to talk to you." I didn't respond, but i got up and unlocked the door and sat back down. I knew what would happen if Tyler told, but i didn't care. I wanted to die anyway. Tyler looked at my ugly body and sighed. "Josh..." He looked at me. "Not you too, please. I dont need another friend dead" I looked up. He looked back. He let out another sigh. "Just dont do it again. Please, I can't lose you too." He walked back out. He was right. I need to stop, I cant cause more pain for him.


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22 Jun, 2017
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