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One Day
One Day

One Day


I knew that it was pointless, but wishing I had done better was something that never seemed to go away. I was divorced, a single mother with a young boy, not even three years old yet. To make matters worse, my family - or my lousy divorced husband's - wouldn't pay for anything. Life seemed pointless - until I met him.

He was tall with almost bronze skin and short-cut dark brown hair. His emerald green eyes pierced through my soul - silently revealing my every secret worry and stress, throwing them all into the deapest ocean. He smiled. That was all he needed to do to warm my heart.

Sure, there were times that we had our disagreements, but he was family nonetheless. I loved him and that was that.

But it was true, he made me feel like life wasn't so horrible. After he had talked me through my problems and stresses and worries, he made me feel like life was inportant, and that I should keep powering through.

I watched him as he grew up, and we became best of friends, understanding each other and putting a sorrowful past behind us. Memories were made that couldn't be erased, even if the creators wanted to.

One day I saw him off to college, an experience I wasn't able to endure when I had dropped out of high school to become a mother. And as he received his diploma a few short years later, I had met him with tear-filled eyes. My son had made the life I never could.

Author Notes: So I'm kind of new at this - but I've been writing for a while. If you could comment and stuff that would be great, I need all the advice and help I can get. Once I can copy all of my stories onto here I will need the editing help more. Too long of a note?

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21 Dec, 2016
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1 min
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