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One day

One day

By futurerAuthor101

One morning I was sitting in a room looking at a photo album of me an my sister named Frances, Frances died while sleeping, she was having a bad dream an she went into a heart attack. As I was thinking about all the memories we had, there was me pretending like I was talking to her like I did regularly , an all of a sudden it went quiet.. I knew nothing could bring her back, but if I kept her in my heart she'll still be remembered as the funny girl I grew up with. After France's death nothing had been the same, I felt like my parents wished it was me who'd die instead of France's , not only did they wish that , my mom tried smothering me in a pillow ,poisoning me, an even strangling me in my sleep. It wasn't  that easy to live in  a house full of depression ,guilt , an loneliness, so I moved in with my boyfriend Luc. France's had pretty skin, long brown hair, a huge smile that would lighten up your day, an light blue eyes, she was so beautiful ,my parents though I was insecure that I killed her...
A year after her death , I moved out of my parents house, but eventually it didn't work out as planned, so I had no choice but to afford my own apartment,. Luc an I planned on splitting the rent an just living with one another, but of course he had to involve his mother an she didn't like the fact it was just me an him, an so we lived with his parents for a year.. An as soon a me an Luc had a disagreement his parents took side's with him an kicked me out. YES it made me upset ,but I had to look past it.
After our break up , I found out he took the apartment anyway. We still talked in all but It was too much going on at one time.. My mom went to a therapist an my dad, well they divorced .. Everything was changing. My mom pretended like she didn't know me, an I was accused of death.
I woke up one morning with a knife an blood running down my gown, I saw my sister lying on the ground dead , with scratches an bruises all down her neck...I REALIZED I WAS THE MURDERER OF MY SISTERS DEATH...

Author Notes: A delusional maniac

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30 Jun, 2014
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2 mins
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