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One last goodbye

One last goodbye

By Kirsten

there was two best friends named Kendra and Makaila. They have been best friends for 2 years ever since Makaila moved to her school. It was their last day of Gr.10. Makaila was going away for summer vacation. She met a boy and they instantly fell in love. He was actually moving to Littleville and going to their highschool.Everything was going great until Makaila spotted Derek and the head cheerleader holding hands outside of the movie theatre. Makaila automatically called Kendra. Kendra could tell she was upset and asked what's wrong? She said that Derek cheated on her, Kendra said just come on home sleep it off and come over tomorrow so we can talk about it. Makaila agreed. The next morning Makaila's mother called and asked if Makaila was over there? Kendra said "no, what's wrong?"Her mom said "she never came home last night." "Okay" replied Kendra "Call me if you hear anything" Two hours later she gets a call Makaila's mom said she was in a car accident. Kendra rushed over to the hospital and heard that she's bran dead and the only hing keeping her alive is the life support and she will never make it without it. They have to decide to take her off the machines or keep her hooked up to these machines all her life and not being able to do anything she wanted to do. They decided to take her off the machine. In tears Kendra walked to her friend's room and said her final goodbyes. They took her off the machine and Makaila was pronounced dead. The next day they found Kendra hung in her bedroom with a note saying " I'm sorry I could not let myself say the final goodbye. I love you mom and dad and don't forget it. ,Love Kendra

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7 Dec, 2011
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