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One Last Hug.

One Last Hug.

By brokenheart123

"Congrats, it's a beautiful baby boy". i could do nothing but smile when he was born. he was the best thing to ever happen to me. i guess you could say we were one of the rich familys in our apartment. anything he wanted, i was sure to let my son have. everywhere he went, he took his favorite stuffed dinosaur, rex. i couldn't ever get him to let go of Rex even if i tried. one day i let the babysitter watch my son, as i went to the market. on my way up i stopped to get the mail, a few letters for me, an some for my husband. as i arrived at our appartment door, i struggled to find my keys. right before my key hit the lock, i heard a scream. the loudest scream i had ever heard in my life. i slammed open the son was nowhere to be found. as i heard nothing but screams coming from outside, i look out the open window. in horror, i looked at what was now my son. i ran to his cold, breathless body. when the ambulance arrived they did their best, but were unable to save him. He died with Rex right beside him...

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27 Nov, 2011
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1 min
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