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One last time

One last time

By melodyautumn

I have always thought that our love was unstoppable. It was fugacious but I wish it lasted longer. I know you would want me to be grateful for the love that we had shared, but its hard to be grateful for something that's gone and over with. Mother said she thought we would make it. She thought we would get married, have children and grow old together. She wanted that as much I did. I was listening to our song and thinking about what had gone wrong. Why you left me. At first I started to blame myself. maybe I had done something wrong. I started to cry. But I couldn't remove the tears from my face. I deserved the disturbance. When you announced that we were over I said that I hated you. But that's not true and I don't get a second chance to take it back. I couldn't talk at your funeral. When it was my turn no words came out of my mouth but I stood there as if I was saying something. I thought you deserved something from me so that's why I am here now. And well I just wanted to tell you one last time.... I love you

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22 Mar, 2011
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