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One Thousand
One Thousand

One Thousand

MBaileyMatt Bailey

The warmth of your skin, the trace of your touch

A thousand kisses that mean so much

The love in your eyes and the tears you weep

A thousand smiles that touch me deep

Surrender beneath a blanket of stars

And trust that mends a thousand scars.

The mountains, the moon and the river that longs

A thousand lines and a thousand songs

My words, my eyes, my touch and my smile

A thousand journeys, a thousand miles

A fire in my heart and a calm in my soul

A thousand pieces now made whole

A boon companion on lonely seas

A thousand doors and a thousand keys

Waves and oceans, thunder and storms

Love described in a thousand forms

The sun, the breeze and the eagle that soars

A thousand ballads and a thousand wars.

A silent smile and a simple touch

A single kiss that means so much.

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About The Author
Matt Bailey
About This Story
4 Aug, 2019
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<1 min
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