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OOPS. pt.1

OOPS. pt.1

By Poet

"Being completely careless and completely depressed is basically leading you and your friends into a scale of no joy," Jackson said, heading to his seat. I, Melony Capardee, stood up. Class is my favorite thing. I was actually paying attention. My presentation was next, and it wasn't one, nonsense, sentence like Jackson's. I walked to the front. I smiled, lifting the papers from behind my back. I coughed and started, "I feel the life is delicate. But when you listen to these shows, articles, and all else about deaths and such. I feel like you can't do it, just for doing it. Really there is no reason, but you can't just go off and be all like, 'oh, i got my gun, my knife, lemme kill that boy or that girl. let's get it gone' and just for fun? There honestly can't be a reason. But what about FALSE accusing? No, I suspect being a sheriff would def. make you think and wonder, and my father used to be one and he wondered all about it. I would, too. And if I am making myself clear on the issue, then I would love to be adding something in. It is that if you were a suspect and I were the sheriff, then you really should be getting your facts right, and if there is more than one, and only one WAS listed... then honestly stirred up something horrible and unexplainable. As you know, if you take in the wrong person, things are still happening. Let's say you get shot or something and you chose the WRONG person, then the real person is still running free and doing whatever, until you catch him and you realize. Well, you've ruined someone elses life. And on TV, you see these shows about stuff like this, and you know a little about them, but now you know a lot. You could be extremely sorry for such mistakes, but I just wanted to apologize to them. She knew more about it... but if you don't then what is it? You have twists and turns in all these stories and it desn't even make sense to you when it is happening and you want to scream and you want to shout and you don't even know what to say when you are wrong so you apologize and realize, this is worse than we thought, we were all wrong, let's apologize and see what happens, well you have ruined it, and you think, well that boy I like is extremely hot, and I love him, I love Jackson-" I stopped. I said something wrong. I must have written it when I was thinking about him... oops. "First of all, you confused me, and Jackson... You really shouldn't be saying those things. have a seat," Mrs. Barch said. OH NO!!

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About This Story
7 Jun, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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