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Opinion #1
Opinion #1

Opinion #1

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Many of you don't know me, but for those 18 views who saw my view on suicide, this is for you and many more. I was called into my school's counselors office because of a GoGaurdian alert. I didn't know why at first. I've been called into her office on only two occasions: needing an online class changed to direct, and for being "depressed."

I denied being depressed because I don't want or need help. I know that I will be flagged for this, but honestly, at this point, I don't care if they see it. I have dealt with being depressed for a while now, but that's the thing I have dealt with it. I never needed a therapist or pills to help me and I never will. I was told I needed a therapist because I have depression. Our counselor hasn't done anything but makes people feel worse from what I've seen and heard. I never feel super depressed until I go into that office. All they do is label you and treat you as a baby. I know they can help some people, but some people just wanna be left alone.

Many people have really bad depression, but help doesn't always work. I've never had help, but I know people and have heard stories of people who tried, and sometimes it works out. To most people the pills make you loopy, people treat you like a kid makes you feel worse, and therapy makes you wanna die even more. The rate of suicides yearly has gone up since we started to label it as a disease/illness.

Depression isn't a disease/illness and it's not going away because of pills and therapy. Society goes against you and hurts you. People leave and you get hurt, people bully you, your crush doesn't like you, death is blamed on you, anger is taken out on you, and there's so many more. I can't even think of them all.

Author Notes: All I can say is I'm sick of being watched 24/7 by my school, having no freedom, and being labeled with a disease that doesn't exist. It's my emotion, not my disease.

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18 Apr, 2019
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