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Our Generation Is Not a Let Down
Our Generation Is Not a Let Down

Our Generation Is Not a Let Down

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Keep our heads down, Don't look around.

Testing our heads, on the things that we read.

They tell us, "Sit Down!" They tell us, "Don't Frown!"

Never Give Up! Always look up.

Respect and obey, While they throw us away.

They tell us the rules, For all of our schools.

Tell us this is where, we'll chase our dreams.

But then they say, Disobey and you'll pay.

Grow up already! So we can be ready.

For all the hate and lies, That we'll be told throughout our lives.

So study hard to get an 'A'. Because that represents the way.

We'll be living our life, Whether it's low or high.

It's so freaking stupid, That we listen and allow ourselves to get ruined.

Get told that we are worthless, because we aren't on the popularity list.

Get told we will never make it, and we will always have to fake it.

So we don't get targeted, by the people who feel threatened.

We get pushed down, thrown out, and beat up.

When we finally get fed-up, and stand up for ourselves.

We get looked down upon, because it's out of our character.

For our generation to care or fight, for each other.

Because we are all enemies, and we represent our families.

So we get weighed down with the burdens, We feel like we are losing our purpose.

Needing a guideline, or a coach on the side line.

To reach any goal, that we set up at all.

Then when we get lost, We have no one to trust.

Keeping the comments, saying that we are let downs and rejects.

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20 Nov, 2020
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1 min
4.5 (2 reviews)

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