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Our Glowing Change
Our Glowing Change

Our Glowing Change

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Like the night closing in on day,

it decides the suns fate

the fate is always set in stone

and people don't expect it to change

when the sun fades away

all people expect it to rise again the next day

no one gives it a chance to change

like you and I, we can stay the same

and continue to let the moon decide our fate

or we can change the times and show are light

we can choose to shine or be a dimly lit glow

we can choose to rise and stay there, or slowly fall

Time will move on and it is up to us to use it wisely

time will wait for no one including me

time will never wait for the sun or the moon

but what if we use the time to our advantage to show others what we can do?

Author Notes: sometimes I feel as if our lives become set in stone and that no matter what we do we can never change the time loop. I enjoy change a little now and then, and I always try to make my life a new adventure every day.

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12 Apr, 2019
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