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Our story

Our story

By Rweekley14

My first soccer practice.... That was when I met you. You and me instantly became best friends. You were my first real guy friend. We spent so much time goofing off when we should have been practicing. After soccer season was over I was invited to your 11th birthday party. It had been at the Roller Zone. I remember you gave me all your tickets from the games you won because you "didn't want them". But after that day we didn't talk. We went our separate ways. That lasted for almost 3 years.

You: your now in 7th grade and your locker is right next to mine. You walk down the hall with me, talk on the phone for over 2 hours everynight with me. You bought me a 52$ necklace for me. You are perfect in my eyes. I love your laugh and eyes. The way you think I'm perfect when I'm not. How you say im beautiful and that you love me everyday.

Me: I'm in 8th grade. I wear your hoodie to bed everynight. I have the prettiest eyes in the world according to you. I don't like scary movies unless I'm watching them with you. I laugh a lot.

Back to the story: last night you came to my house for the first time ever. It was for my birthday. When you showed up you said hi to my mom and then we went downstairs with everyone else. We started the movie that I had rented and you sat next to me. Slowly I started to lean on you. You just scooted closer to me. You let me lean on your arm as we laid next to each other on the couch. Half way through the movie my mom came downstairs to ask what kind of pizza we wanted. When I heard her coming down I sat up and scooted a little further from you. When my mom left I got up and two of my friends followed me up to my room to go get blankets and pillows when we came back down you made me share my blanket with you and I gave you one of my pillow pets. When the movie was over we ate pizza and ice cream, and I opened my presents. When you gave me the bag I didn't know what to expect. There was a card and a long thin box. Inside was a silver necklace... No one has ever done anything that sweet for me before. Soon the party was over and everyone had to go home except for one girl that was spending the night. We instantly started texting each other about the party. About an hour later you went to bed and said goodnight to me. I was so tired but stayed up late watching movies with my friend.....

My story stops there for now.. Hope you guys like it. I will update it in about a week so I have more to write.

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29 Dec, 2014
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