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By Bean - 2 Reviews

Mind is always boggled, hearts always racing. Constantly over thinking. Overthinking will be the death of me. The what ifs, the maybe’s and time that goes forth forever.The worst scenarios haunt my subconscious mind. I don’t feel sane anymore. On the outside I look calm and annoyed (the usual) but inside I feel as if i could explode with a million different emotions. My mind going 200 mph, my heart pounding out of my chest. The only time I’m truly at peace with myself is when I’m writing and listening to the sweet vibrations of my stereo… alone with my thoughts. I’d rather be in solitude, to be honest, where I may ponder but also process. 

Processing is key to thinking. Sometimes, I don’t process which is why I over think, because I get lost in the mysterious pathways of my mind. Sometimes, I’m stuck in my thoughts mainly because my mind is a fortress of intriguing knowledge and wonder. I’d rather think then speak. Most of the time my mind is going faster than my lips can portray. Thinking is truly a crazy and amazing thing. I could think sit and think all day without noticing any time has passed whatsoever. The human mind and thought process is truly the most wondrous, dark, mysterious, and confusing thing in the world. It shouldn't confuse us due to the fact that its apart of us, it is how we function and react to certain things, it’s who we are. Goes to show that we can’t even begin to comprehend ourselves.

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15 Mar, 2015
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