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Pack Together, Pack Forever! (Chapter 1)

Pack Together, Pack Forever! (Chapter 1)

By Lovelykitten01

She stood there looking for the others. Where could they be? Then she remembered that they were all heading to the new den. She forgot!!! How could I be so forgetful!? She raced down the stream and saw the pack walking off, looking worried. Were they looking for her? “Oh, Onyx! There you are!” a voice cried out. She looked out, and Quartz was racing towards her. “Aah! Quartz, what are you doing?” she asked, hoping she wouldn’t bring up the “forgetful wolf” story again. She brought it up every time she forgot to do something. But, thankfully she didn’t. She just hurried her along the dirt road, eagerly taking her to the rest of the pack.

“Ugh, we’ve been looking everywhere! You could have been dead for all we know!” Storm said sharply. “Sorry, you know how forgetful I can get…” Onyx replied, feeling a bit angry with herself. “Hey Shira, what are you doing today?” Onyx asked her close friend. “I’m fine, just trying to put up with Koga and Shadow.” she said, sounding tired and bored already. Koga and Shadow were horse-playing, as always. The other pup, Reed, wasn’t as noisy as them. Aki was looking around curiously and was enjoying the nature. Echo was asking Shira a million questions. Luna was trying to tune out all the noise, but she wasn’t trying to be rude either.

“Please guys! I’m trying to focus on walking to the new den that Quartz and Shira helped Storm prepare for us.” Luna said, trying to stay calm. “Shut up! We’re almost there!” Storm growled. She was getting tired of the pack’s constant bickering over little stupid things. They acted like whoever had the better skills was the better wolf, and quarreling over who was faster at running. Why are they bickering like they’re worst enemies? She didn’t want the pack to disband or hate each other, and wanted them all to shut their jaws. She didn’t have a mate, so she was the only alpha her pack had, and that was a hard job.

She was once going to step down, but there wouldn’t be anyone to keep the pack in order. Quartz was the beta, Koga, Shadow, and Reed were pups (they were abandoned and the pack took them in), and Onyx, Shira, Echo, Luna, and Aki were clan-mates. “Well pack, we’re here.” Storm said quietly. The new den was a small clearing with the sunlight shining over the small cave that was prepared. There were newly fallen leaves blanketing the ground, beds that Shira crafted, and a small lake that was very close to the clearing that they could drink from.

“Wow, guys! I love it!” Echo said excitedly. “It must’ve taken you guys forever!” It actually took them a short hour, and some missions even take way longer than that. But it was super worth it in the end! The light was shining over the canopy. It was a beautiful day for a hunting spree, maybe a resting day from moving. After all, they had to walk for 14 miles. They didn’t leave anything behind, other than the old fish and bird bones, and a torn up rope they found in the city that they occupied the pups with when they were roughhousing too much. Yes, it was a beautiful day, indeed, with a bright, shining sun and a comfortable, new den. They then saw the rest of the pack waiting quietly in the den. What a great way to start their new day.

Author Notes: Hello! It's me, Lovelykitten1! This will be my account until I can get back into my other one. I hope you enjoy Chapter 1 of Pack Together Pack Forever! Chapter 2 will be out soon and there will be MORE CHARACTERS! Ok, Kitten out!

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9 Oct, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
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