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PAIN and love

PAIN and love

By demoncaitie123

BAM!"owwww mommy!"i veer at her to see a smirk,"mommy,dont,"she hit me in the chest and i pass out,i wake up the next morning at my sisters boyfriends house,where she lives,"where is mommy?"she teared up,"mommy is..gone..."she sniffled with anger,"you ARENT seeing mommy anymore,im sorry,"she cried,its three years later,BYE MOMMY,

"please,relax,dont get mad deric,dont worry about the bills,ill get them,"cried the young elegant blonde with bueatiful green eyes,shinning,"evelynne is asleep,please go get her,"the young black haired cute boy walked into my room,"evie,come here,"he called,i hopped out of bed,he grabbed my wrist and turned me to him,he kissed me,HARD i blushed,"GET OFF!"i bellowed,scared,"no,not till' im done with you,hehe,"

its three MORE years later,his younger brother is my boyfriend and we are having a date today,i forgave his brother,but NOT him,no one just rapes you randomly and you just FORGIVE them,but this boy was nice,"evelynne,how bueatiful,"the hot black haired boy stared,as if i was a beatiful monument,"i want to go before it closes,hurry!"he groaned at me,i need make up!"i need make up!" he grabbed me,"no you dont,"he kissed me allmost as roughly as deric,"uhm..uh..ben!"i smiled,"dont hurt me,please,ive been through enough," he looked at me with a smirk,"im not your source of PAIN im your source of LOVE,<3

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25 Feb, 2011
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