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By TheWeridDuckling - 1 Review

I walk down the street waiting to go home and paint but first I need someone to paint. I see a lovely couple walking down the street so i walk up to them, "Hey! I'm a professial painter and you look like you would be fun to paint!" "Do I have permission?" I ask. "Do you have a permit?" the lovely couple asks. "Yeah I do don't worry follow me to my house so we can get started!" the painter says. "No I think we're fine." the wife says. "Oh come on sweetie let's go get something for our house." said the husband. "Fine.." the wife says suspious. They proceed to walk to the painters house, they walk to the door and they open it.

The only thing that seems to be in the house is a easel and paint, but the walls are covered in paintings. "Come on in!" the painter says giving a creepy smile. The couple walks into the house but as soon as they do they cover their nose. "EW! What is that smell?!" they complain. "Oh it's nothing I just haven't cleaned in a while.." the painter states. "Would the lady like to follow me?" the painter asks.

The lady nods and follows the painter, the man sits there and waits for his wife to come back. You and the wife walk into the back room where the smell gets worse. "What happened back he-" the lady gets cut off by a sharp pain in here back. "Thanks for coming for me to paint you!" the painter says smiling like crazy. The lady tries to scream but the knife heads to her neck and slices it.

The knife dances around her body, making marks everywhere. "Time to get our paint!" the painters thought. The painter jabs his knife into her stomach and cuts it open. Revealing her guts, he cuts a piece off and eats it. But also filling his paint bucket in the process. Once the bucket is full he drags her body towards the smell and it reveals around five bodies that are rotting. "Another one for my collection!" he smiles.

Walking back over to the man smiling, "Hey i'm back!" "Hey, wheres my wife?" he asks. "Oh shes getting some more paint for her painting, i'm making one of each of you then you together!" the painter says. "Oh. That works for me." the man says smiling. The painter dips his brush into some "paint" and then the brush glides around the easel. "Perfecto! I'm finished." the painter says showing the man. "It looks great! But I had a question why does the paint have a metalic smell to it?" "Oh i use a special type of paint, and I only have red at the moment." the painter says.

"But can you follow me so we can check on your wife?" the painters asks. And, the man gets up without question and follows. Once they get to the back room the same thing that happened to the woman happened to the man. He then proceed to eat the mans body whole.

Author Notes: Enjoy the story! Let me know if you have any feedback :)

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2 Feb, 2021
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2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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