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Paladins apprentice

Paladins apprentice

By FrostyPenguin

“Get up Josh” screamed my mum from the kitchen. I sat up in my bed wiping my eyes and planting my head back into the pillow. “Get up” Screams mum again from the kitchen. “Im up mum” I shout back and begin to pile out of bed, The light illuminates through my top 2 windows in my bedroom. I get dressed and scurry downstairs for my breakfast, the stairs moan and yelp under my steps and when I hit the bottom I realize the sun has made the usually cold, dark kitchen relatively warm and comforting. I sit down at the small pine table as I do every morning admiring the fireplace and boiling water feature in the kitchen. Yawn I moan as I lay back on the chair waiting for my breakfast. “Mum, wheres breakfast” I say from the pine table. “One minute Josh I am finishing the eggs” she says as she ponders around the house looking for what seems to be a utensil. “Here you go Josh, eat up remember its tryouts today” says mum in a calming voice. “Okay mum” I reply quickly. I eat some of the breakfast and realize it is ultra salty and that the bread is cold. Without asking a question I scurry up halfway up the stairs before saying “Thanks mum” then continuing up the stairs.

“Get up Daniel” I scream at his door while banging on it. He opens the door nearly instantly and says nothing like every morning, he just walks down the stairs and greets mum a good morning. “Good morning Daniel” I say from the bottom of the staircase as he is digging into breakfast. “Hey, did you sleep well?” says Daniel from the pine table. “Yeah fine, you” I ask in a more relaxed tone, “Fine” he replies and gives me a trying smile. “Okay well I better go mum don’t want to be late” I say as I am heading towards the door. “Good luck Josh” Daniel says as I walk out the door, I give him a smile too big for my face and leave the house.

When I enter the street I begin to walk at a medium pace towards the inn. When I reach the inn I am greeted by Lucia Halweaver, the innkeeper. “Good morning lucia” I say in a manly voice as she giggles and says “Good morning josh, Come to pick up some lunch did we?” she says as she keeps her eyes planted on mine. “Yes please, A few slices of bread and cheese please” I say as I hand her the 4 copper coins in my hand. “There you go little man” she says I nod to her and walk towards the door, “Good luck Josh” she says as I leave.

When I enter the village square I close the inn door behind me and start to walk but before I can start I am greeted by Daniel. “Hey champ, nearly forgot your satchel” he says as he gives me a warm smile as he scurries back up the hill to the house. I begin walking again being greeted by the few people that were up at roughly 6am. I continue walking, greeting the lumberman as I walk by and now begin to walk at a fast pace yet again.

“Ah, Joshua” says Lynix as I stop in front of him. “Am I the first one here sir?” I say in a mildly shocked voice. “Yes you are Joshua, and I want to show you something” I just follow him as he leads me into the small shack surrounded by crafting goods, axes, pickaxes and hoes. The shack was damp and smelled like rotten food. “Here we are” he says, panting as he picks up an item. “This is the prize for todays game” he says as I stand there stunned.

“Come Josh we should get started” He says as he puts the prize back and walks out of the shack me following close behind. A few other students began to gather and we waited there for a good 30 minutes before the tryouts officially started. Emerged a Lightsworn Lancer, the best knights in the county. Then emerged a Warlock, only the bravest of men would even get within 10 feet of him, I on the other hand was not as scared as the others but it did make my flesh crawl.

Then we were greeted by a Paladin, The best warriors in the county and the justice bringers, The best warriors in the county could not defeat a paladin. Then emerged a ranger, Hired personally by the king they are the best shot archers in the world. Then lastly emerged a Relict scribe, The best writers and poets in the county.

“Children, everyone as always this is the choosing and trials of the new best of the best in the county, Aprementa.” Screamed Lynix from a podium. “The children are only as good as their masters, let the first challenge begin”. I grabbed a lightweight broadsword from the stand where they were placed as I marched towards the paladin. Crash! was the sounds of our swords colliding as they hit each other, Crash again. The paladin was very strong and even his strength in hitting with the sword threw me to the ground. I got back up and tried again and again, then something unexpected happened. “I have chosen my apprentice” says the paladin in a stern voice. I am so happy inside, the best thing was that I was an apprentice to the paladin but they did not need to leave the kingdom to train.

“The first challenge is over and now it is time to place apprentice and master together against another group!” Yelled Lynix again from the podium. My master finds his opponent, a warlock. He begins to sprint towards the necromancer. Crash the sound of mine and another students sword collides and echoes through the courtyard. Crash as they collided again, I had just enough time to kick him in the stomach he was dazed for a moment and stood back up, the swords clashed again and I had enough time to kick him again,I punched him in the face, blood began to trickle from his nose, he lay there. Unconcious. I began sprinting towards the warlock now not even knowing what there is to face. The warlock merely got ready for his challenge as my new mentor said “Let me get this” He charged with all his might and layed a mocking blow on the warlocks staff, it did nothing but stunned the warlock. Slash as the paladin layed a terrific blow with his sword to the warlocks side. The warlock stumbled backwards and looked angry. The paladin quickly reacted and tried to hit the warlock. The warlock was stunned and the paladin quickly stabbed the warlock’s side. Blood was pouring from the warlocks side. Lynix came over and announced “He is dead”.

The rest of the contestants continued to battle, then it was announced. “Congratulations everyone that lasted and we continue to our next challenge”! announced Lynix from the podium. “The next challenge involves wits and knowledge” says Lynix from the podium with a slight grin on his face. Odd I thought. “Hahaha” Said a dark voice from the top of the arena. “The black knight!” said the paladin with a scared look on his face. The knight merely teleported into the middle of the arena and began pacing toward me. The warlock summoned a shadowbolt from his hands and the knight merely pulled up his hands and deflected it. The chain-mail from his clothing was rattling as he was still walking towards me, at a slow but steady pace. Suddenly everything went cold and slow, the knight was still coming towards me but at a very slow pace as everyone began to charge him. There were blasts from everywhere at the knight. Then the paladin was speaking to me, I could not make out the words but it seemed to go on for a long time. Then it all went.

I awoke on a cold floor not knowing where I was and I took a minute to analyze the situation. I could feel metal on my neck, my hands moved towards the metal as I realized it was a chain. The floor was made of blue tiles and the whole room felt cold. I could see some braziers and I finally made out they were blue, odd I thought. There were no windows and I was stripped of my weapons. “You are awake” says a voice. I froze, I did not know what to do or expect. “You will do quite well here” says the voice again. “Wh... Where am I” I say with a shiver in my voice, from the cold and from the fright. “You are in archenous” says the voice. “Long ago, we were founded by someone called Lynix. Do you know of him”? Says the voice. “Y... Yes” I say with sudden horror and shock. “When he found us he believed that a people called the redemption should not be living anymore and wanted to purge the land”. “Who is the redemption” I say as I slowly begin to stand, before I realize the chain is stuck to the floor and I sit back down. “The Redemption are a people known as the Silver Light.”

It all suddenly came back to me. Before my dad left to go to war he would tell me every night about the Silver light. The Silver light are a group of warriors made up of lancers, paladins, warriors and rangers. They believe that a certain dark force in the world known as the Dead Synix should be destroyed. They are better known as . The Undeath. The Undeath were outlawed by the county for use of a spell only known by the Undeath as “Raise dead” and as the name implies it involves bringing a dead person back to life. When they were outlawed by the county for this they then used the dead as a weapon and made masses of armies to invade the county. The king then formed a group known as The Redemption to wipe them out and keep the county safe.

“Remember?” says the mysterious voice. “Then you know where you are now.” says the voice. “Yes I do” I whisper. Then I see a shadow and hear the clanking of wood as two double doors open. “Did you do the set task” says the voice. “Yes” says a new voice. “Ah, introductions. Josh, this is Lamidon”. “Greetings Josh” He says in a cold, deep voice. The shadow moves closer to me and unlocks the chain around my neck, I was still not sure what it was. “Urgh” I moan as I stand up.

I look around the room and see some bookshelves with rusty old books and tales, they were surrounded by mounds of dust, a stone desk, roughly carved from an inexperienced carpenter, and a balcony made of iron that looks shimmering cold. Lamidon now walks infront of me, his chain rustling against his skin and metal armor, and begins to say something I could not understand. “He needs to be tested and dealt with” Lamidon says. “No need” Says the voice “He is the son of Regulus Halweaver”. “Is he now”. Says Lamidon as I slowly begin to go into sleep again.

“Where is josh!” Screamed Daniel as he slammed open the doors of the barracks and marched forward. “He is missing, Daniel. I am sorry but the black knight took him during the tryouts, he was too fast.” whispers Lynix, Daniels face begins to light red with rage. “How could you allow this Lynix, you were his protecter”. Nobody said anything for a few minutes. “We need to find him” says Daniel. “We need to find him now”

Daniel and Lynix march out of the barracks and Daniel stops and turns around “What are you doing” He says, still full of rage. “He is my apprentice and I need to find him” Says Lynix. “Lynix” Says a soldier in full chain and plate. “The king summons you” He begins to walk away. “The kingdom is a 5 days ride, I will join you after, Daniel” says Lynix “Good” says Daniel as he begins to walk out of the town.

Lynix went the opposite way and mounted his horse at the stable. It was a fabulous horse and marvelous in size, it was a massive warhorse, layed with chain and plate, horseshoes of steel. Lynix began to trot out of the village, he reached the front gate and was greeted “Greetings Lynix, where are you off to today” said a farmer. “Summons from the king” Lynix said as he began at full pace and was riding off into the distance.

Daniel was murmuring to himself, unsure what to do. He began walking out of the village and slowly thought to himself. “The black knight is independent, he works for nobody” Daniel slowly began stepping onto a bridge where he was surrounded by a wonderful oasis, the water under the bridge gleamed at the sight of the sun. A waterfall running silently on the mountains surrounding Daniel, he looked up and was startled as he was greeted by a merchant. “Greetings sir, we have a fine sele...” he was cut off. Daniel noticed this and began to wonder. He looked at his chest and noticed an arrow going through his body. The merchants body began to slowly fall to the ground as Daniel readied his short-sword and shield.

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5 Jun, 2011
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