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Panic Attack Chapter Two
Panic Attack Chapter Two

Panic Attack Chapter Two

Dari-the-bookwormDari Poulson

I groggily sat up and brushed my short blonde hair out of my eyes. I could hear Logan and Bobby talking in the kitchen and Tom was on the couch next to me, the remote floating in front of him, watching the Disney channel.

I glanced at the big grandfather clock next to the TV and frowned. It was only two in the morning. I only had been sleeping for a couple of minutes. And for once, I hadn't woken up to another attack.

'Only a few mutants are awake. This should work.'

I jumped. I couldn't recognize the voice of the thought. Someone unfriendly was here. I leaped off the couch and raced upstairs towards Travis's room.

'I wonder why she's in a hurry' Tom looked after me and then his gaze returned to the Tv.

'Crap. one of the mutants is racing upstairs. I better tell the captain.'

I glanced out the window and saw a group of men in black climbing up the side of the house. One of them was looking straight at me.

Suddenly a deafening scream pierced the quite and I leaned over and covered my ears with my hands. Lu Anns supersonic scream continued and I prayed that I wouldn't go deaf. Suddenly her scream ended and I looked up out the window. All of the men who had been climbing the house were on the ground covering their ears.

Logan and Bobby were shouting in the kitchen and I could hear everyone's thoughts come alive as all the students woke up. Doors started slamming open and students started racing past me.

Anna ran past me, tugging on her gloves, shouting Bobby's name. I felt someone grab my hand. I looked at Travis relieved to have him with me.

"Come on, let's go get Abby and the twins."

Together we raced down the hall pushing past other students to get to Abby's room. Everyone thoughts were so active and crazy, I couldn't think straight. By the time we got to Abby's room, I had a headache. I couldn't tell which thoughts were mine and which thoughts weren't.

Travis tried to open the door but it was locked. Travis groaned. 'This is a really bad time for privacy Abby!'

"Abby! Open the door!"

"I'm busy!" Abby shouted.

'With what? Are you really doing makeup at this hour?' Travis looked like he was about the punch down the door. "Hurry!"

There was a loud thump and the door opened.

Abby walked out and I saw someone on the floor, S.W.A.T. in big white letters on his back.

"Sorry I took so long," Abby said, shutting and locking her door. 'I wish Travis wouldn't be so impatient.' She glared at Travis with her big green eyes and Travis looked away.

"Sorry, I got impatient." He looked ashamed.

"Don't worry about it." Abby quickly drew her brow curly hair into a low ponytail. Come on. The Twins are in the garage.

She twisted a picture frame on the wall and the secret door opened next to the frame.

"W-wait. What about the others?" I asked shakily, thinking about all the other students here at the school.

"Peter and Logan are taking care of it," Abby said confidently. 'I hope.'

I sighed. "Let's go."

We raced down the secret tunnel together, the entrance shutting behind us.

'I hate the dark.' Abby brought out a flashlight and we continued to the garage.

when we got there Seth and Mark were waiting in Peter's Car, waving at us to hurry. The three of us climbed into the back and as soon as the door closed Mark stomped on the gas and we raced out into the country.

Author Notes: So I need help! I need a superpower for Travis. I already have everyone else's powers figured out but Travis is really stumping me. Give me some ideas! And thank you for reading!

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Dari Poulson
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21 May, 2019
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3 mins
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