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Panic Attack Chapter One
Panic Attack Chapter One

Panic Attack Chapter One

Dari-the-bookwormDari Poulson

I tried to breathe. I was going to die. It was all over. My heart beat wildly, it felt like I was holding forty pounds in my chest. I felt tears stream down my face.

Then it stopped.

I could think straight now, and the world wasn't spinning. I was at the school. In my room. Safe. Not in danger.

My heart when back to its normal pace and I started to breathe normally again. I wiped my tears away and climbed out of bed.

I just had what I call an attack, I'm not sure what its from. I've had these 'attacks' since my parents died but they were getting worse and more frequent.

I looked at the clock. One thirty in the morning. I graded my journal and walked into the living room. I sat on the couch and opened up the small leather-bound book.

I was still shaking but I was feeling much better. I closed my eyes and opened my mind to all the thoughts around me.

Abby was dreaming about picking strawberry with her Mother on a hot summer day. Little Tom was dreaming about a world where he could use his powers freely. The twins were sharing a dream again. Miss Jean's mind was all over the place, One second getting chased, another casing, and the next falling.

'Why is she awake at this hour?'

I looked behind me.

Travis Gable was behind me leaning on the wall. He was wearing baggy PJs similar to mine and his glasses were perched in his dark messy hair as if he had forgotten they were there.


He smiled and I felt my heart flutter.

"Hey." I was so grateful he could not read my mind as I could him because he would have heard loud screaming and seen visions of holding hands and walking into the sunset. I was panicking.

"What are you doing up so early?" he asked sweetly. 'Is she okay? she has done this almost everyday this week.'

My mind went blank. He was worried about me.

I tugged on my t-shirt. "Um..."

I realized I couldn't tell him that. If I told him I would have to tell him that I was having weird attacks and I wanted to keep that to myself.

'Sigh, she's going to be stubborn again.'

"I'm not stubborn." I blurted, my face bright red.

Travis smiled. "Vicky, I've known you for three years, you are stubborn whether you like it or not. And please don't read my mind."

My face grew redder. Usually, I was more careful about reading other peoples thoughts, but it is really easy to read recent thoughts. I haven't read memory in a very long time, I had promised myself a long time ago I never would again.

"Sorry, sometimes I don't mean to."

'I think I made her upset. Crap.'

"Don't worry about it, Vic." he turned around to head to his room.

"Wait, Travis?"
He turned back to face me, his dark skin made it hard to see him in the dark and his eye seemed to glow as he looked at me.

'I wonder what she needs.' "Yes?"

"Why are you up? It's really late."

He smiled. "You're not the only one who has trouble at night. Good night Vicky."


I listened as Travis's footsteps retreated upstairs.

My thoughts went back to the attack from earlier. I had to figure out how to control them before someone found out about them. And I had a feeling that Travis was really close to the truth.

Author Notes: Sorry I haven't written in a while! Please tell me what you think!
Also, if you have attacks like Vicky please tell someone! Don't be like her and hide it.
(Spoiler: She's going to regret it later)
Thank you for reading my story! I hopefully will be writing more often.

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About The Author
Dari Poulson
About This Story
20 May, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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