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An Open Hand Slap on My Back or on My Face While What I Need Is Mercy.
An Open Hand Slap on My Back or on My Face While What I Need Is Mercy.

An Open Hand Slap on My Back or on My Face While What I Need Is Mercy.

papin49Roberto Perez


Once upon a time, when I was a teenager, I used to think that life was only happiness, joys, and having fun from all events that are developed around human activities in this “tiny world”. At that time, what called my attention was nature in all its glory. Nice and wonderful colored and shaped flowers and tiny hummingbirds that comprise all the beauty to trap any mortal with a good sense of love; It was supposed to be created for the joy of everyone in this piece of land.

I often used to go walking through the forest, Watching the huge diversity of different plants, butterflies, fish, and the amazing and nice landscape that border all the cibao area in the Dominican Republic. what makes me happily keep on doing a long trip throughout the hill of la Mercedes mountains - Trying to live one day at a time. But, in this world, everything seems to be created purposely for a predetermined bunch of unsatisfied and inhumane individuals that seem as if they never get peace or joy on anything. In this world of temptation that this society seems to have all individuals under their control, they cast only the bait and immediately most of us get captive, trapped in their net doing just what a Mr. so and so said.

Moreover, if you make a stop and try to organize everything in its place ''real place'', life would be more beautiful and peaceful. Analyzing the day you were born - What and who you find in this world. What did you bring with you? what knowledge did you have? and how long do you intend to live here.? The answer is - nothing - Nevertheless, there are some individuals who have been conceived to triumph in this world and reach a great amount of power, knowledge, fortune, fame, etc. Because of that, they intend to pretend to be nations' savior. and kill all who try to explain their own ideas because they think everyone must obey what they say - without taking into consideration if it is rational or irrational for most people.

Nonetheless, at the end of their pass by this Earth - Everyone with a little bit of common sense. Would be able to find out that those belongings, were not enough to add one more year, beyond the time that was predetermined by nature itself at the time that you, as a human being, have been set up to lasts living in this world - But, the human being is the most stubborn and egotistical thing begotten in this borrowed piece of land - we are arrogant and ignorant at the same time because there are plenty of signs that tell us about what would be the approximate time for human life. Furthermore, everybody who has been born, since the first human appearance, knows that life is a logical sequence where things accomplish these three phases. Birth, Growth, and Death. Summarizing from that knowledge, I can clearly establish: That because of their lack of interest, people run as if they were blindfolded for the rush of absurd pretensions of getting stuff. To illustrate, luxurious cars, houses, couple, clothes, etc. Which at the end is worthless.

Now that the scars have been healed, I can walk freely and pay attention to every single aspect of my life than ever before. For the things that I have not to dare to do or simply I haven't taken time to think about it. Surprisingly, human beings won't be able to understand that great mystery without the presence of adversity. Throughout all of the obstacle, human become more conscious about the real role of everyone on the earth and makes us be interested in things that indeed deserve our attention.

These days of misery and suffering, only the time between a hallucinating pill and another, adding the tingling movement in my bed trying to reconcile my sleeping behavior, are my silent company in my unknown life, by this time when struggling to reach the edge of my bed to try to dissipate my body soreness or simply when I try to turn my body from one side to the other in my bed.

Never appears a friendly hand that softly pats my back. Nobody is aware of such rushing exasperation from someone who scarcely Is noticed as a present living human being that in the same room, lying together, seem to be sleeping by themselves or ignored by the rest of the roommates. When in the middle of the night all against your happiness, everything seems reached the end, then you start getting advantages of the wrong things you have been doing all your life and it is taken for granted that indeed you were blind, because I never noticed how cruel life can be when you have ever faced such a situation like this.

Some friends are cruel with you - they only say- " you have to be stronger, keep moving, socializing'', don't be weak, "if I were you, I would be walking or dancing.” They don't understand the magnitude and how hard that situation is for that person, that something as simple as to move a foot, a finger or to talk, make the heartbeats as If It was going to burst - Most religious behave the same way or maybe worse - they keep saying "you have to trust in God, start visiting different churches and searching for different preachers" and regret from the sins you committed and receive God as your savior,

They say, “go to my church’’ and "you will see;" " that’s the only way you would get to be healed." because most of them are considered as a kind of God in their churches. and they collect a lot of money. But they usually don’t want to render an account of that money to their parishioners or congregation. Those guys who are considered as shepherd, leaders, what they do is to cheat them.

People only need to do the right things - wherever they are - no matter if they are alone or in the middle of a huge group of people. Moreover, be faithfully conscious about your belief, ones don’t deserve to be treated as if we were a devil that they have seen one is killing someone or stealing - What they do is to worsen the situation between common people and Christian.

Nothing is more rewarding than receiving a sincere and tender touch or word instead of receiving an unfriend speech that more than unifying, what It does is to keep people isolated from each other because of their way of thinking. And more than that leads people to a way that ends hating those preachers.

More importantly, think about your last day here(this world) - Do you think Is It going to happen - where, when, how…? The important part here is that everybody is conscious about that ( that one day everybody is going to be deceased.) I was on the verge of death one day and I tried to say to myself - oh my God I am almost dying - My surprise was because I was pretty sure that I could die that day and I was very conscious of everything but I had never thought about that part. - Most of the surgery ( DBS. Deep Brain stimulation - that the one I underwent) - is done in the absence of families or friends; mostly, you are only with the doctors’ team. but, the only thing that strengthens me was to think about somebody beyond me - I always felt stronger than ever because - God is with me.

Author Notes: I trust in God. He is the best in our life,

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Roberto Perez
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3 Jan, 2019
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6 mins
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