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Part 1. of: In the Mirror

Part 1. of: In the Mirror

By SimpleJoy

In a land VERY far from the US, there was a great battle between the little children. one wanted this tree house, one wanted that tree house. Likely to be the most ridiculous battle to us, teens/adults/ mature children. Could it be that it was the most ridiculous thing? YES! Once the children realized how it was crazy, there was more than laughter, there was crying. Crying of the agony of dealth. Murders are hurting children. Right after battle. Yet, the children weren't the only ones getting hurt, there was adults, teen, babies, elderly! A couple were separated, but found each other, yet only one survived the great run of kill. The female. Left alone, unwanted by most, but the dead one. She hid in a tree, scarce for miles. The murder group ran by with guns, shooting wildly in all directions. Cared for life, she cried, but was it loud enough to be heard. One of the men turned and saw the crying girl. GET HER! What is going to happen?

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31 Mar, 2011
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