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Part 2, of: In the Mirror

Part 2, of: In the Mirror

By SimpleJoy

After a second of sadness, the girl in the tree begged for her life and the men were reasonable, so they agreed on something. One said, if you'll be my wife, you can live. I won't kill you. He won't kill you. Whoever kills you, I will kill. Yet the girl in the tree, Senna, never wanted to love anyone ever again since her love was gone. The girl had no other choice, BUT DEATH. So, she said, "I will marry you. But, I want my life kept safe," She said, hoping to find loop holes to her situation. The men agreed and helped her from the tree. Holding her hand, the man said, "Go get that one. He is ugly. I hate ugly people," And Senna was sad inside. She wanted someone. She wanted her mother. She wanted her father. She wanted her other love, Charlie. After nobody lively in sight, the men and Senna walked to a horse and climbed on , being carried to a land for soldiers like The men. Senna arrived and after the men left to change and put off armor and such, the King, of the time, came to Senna and pronounced her absolutely stunning. And King wanted Senna, but the man did too. Would Senna live?

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1 Apr, 2011
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1 min
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