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Ουσία - Part 2

Ουσία - Part 2

By Tessissweet11

The story starts with one we all know, The creation of Νησί and the Stopping of the War of Wars. I wasn't really paying attention because I had heard this before but then he started on a story that no one had heard before. “The birth of a race both dragon and human. These people for they were people were not meant to be but when the war ended and Ειρήνη disappeared she transformed into a human form and fell in love with a male human. They had children and these children became known as the fae. They were discovered about 50 years ago and almost completely wiped out save for two. A man and a woman were the most powerful of this race and were able to hide together and prolong their lives. They had a child one that was born in a time of great need. But 2 days after the birth they were discovered and they had to run. They left their child on the porch of an estate house and the next day they were captured. No one knew they had a child but just before the man died he delivered a prophecy about his own daughter. I will never forget the day that my father was on his deathbed and he told me this story. I asked him who this girl was and he said he never found out. It has taken me 19 years to find you Dolina. But now that I have I would have heard the last words that your father said.” The King finished.

I had tears in my eyes and asked my parents if it was true that they had found me on the doorstep. They said yes but they had never loved me any less because of that. I looked at the King and asked him to tell me the prophecy. He nodded and started in a clear voice:

The Lady of the stars will be wed to the prince of the moon,

The dragon of the peaceful harbinger will revive the army of the south.

In the palace of the mountain, a messenger will be forgotten.

In the empire of the plain, a people of the west will burn.

The kingdom of the west is ravaged by the woman of the north.

The Lady is of the stars and the north.

Author Notes: If you have not read part one then you will not understand this and i would suggest you read it first if you are interested.

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6 Mar, 2020
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1 min
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