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Part 5

Part 5

By Aaronlime1

After sometime of trying to find this dreadful, unskilled kidnapper, Lamian gets irritated and punches the ground out of frustration. Lamian looked at Ekko, I’m not sure anymore,
What do you mean asked Ekko? I mean my feelings towards Princess Ralaina, I mean look at me I’m risking my own life to save her. So, you care about her said Ekko, Yeah but I guess I’m just confused; I think we should just hit the road again and try to save her we are wasting time, Ekko agreed then got into the carriage and took off northwest to go over the hills because that’s where the masked figured kidnapper went. They get halfway up the hill and realize that they’re getting tired so they come to an agreement to set-up camp at the top of the hill, even though it’s dangerous, said Lamian, But Ekko convinced him that it was just one night and they were both fighters and that they were going to be fine. They both fell asleep in the carriage. Apparently they didn’t know that they were just a mere twenty-five yards away from a small village outside a large dirty city.
They got woken up to the splattering of water on there face. They were both put into handcuffs and were thrown into the back of there own carriage and they were taken to the nearby “dirty” city and before they got into town they put burlap sacks on top of Lamian and Ekkos head so make sure they couldn’t see a thing they couldn’t really hear anything, those burlap sacks were thick, All they could hear was the muffled sound of talking, But Ekko did hear the “king” say to put us in the jail, The guards walked with Lamian and Ekko and then took the sacks off there head and handcuffs off as soon as they got up to the cell door, he threw them both in then left, a couple hours later The king walked in and asked Lamian, Why are you here, in my kingdom? Ive come for my beautiful Princess Ralaina.
The king gave a look like he knew what Lamian was talking about and gave a wave of his hand and the 5 guards started coming Lamian and Ekkos way.

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10 May, 2010
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1 min
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