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Part Time Job

Part Time Job

By Bitter

Selena Belloes fumbled with the key in her pocket. She rushed to the side door of the tall, brick house.
Let's get this over with, she thought to herself.
The door slowly swung open, door hinges creaking. Selena quickly walked over to the dog crate, holding a big, brown dog. She couldn't remember what breed it was, but she didn't care.
When the dog saw Selena, he started banging around in his cage. It was a struggle to get the leash on the big dog.

After she finally calmed the dog down and got outside, she started walking him. It was more like he was walking Selena; every squirrel or cat, or anything that moved would send the dog into a phsycotic running/barking phase.
Selena became tired of being dragged around and took the dog to the nearest park so he could run around. When she arrived she let the dog loose and sat on the nearest bench. There was another bench a couple metres away. On it, there was a well dressed man. He looked as if he had just gotten out of a meeting. There was something different about this man, but Selena just couldn't put her finger on it.
The man looked up to see Selena look at him, so he smiled. Selena gave him a wary smile back.
"Is that your dog?" The man asked. "No, he's my neighbour's, I'm just walking him." Selena answered.
The man got up and sat down next to her. "Part-Time job? I remember my first job at some fast food joint. Wasn't great. Do you like this job?" He asked.
Why is he talking to me? Selena thought. "Yeah, it's alright. The dog is cute." She pointed to the dog.
"Oh, that's the dog you're walking?" He said. He looked down at the dog and a worried look crept onto his face. When he saw that Selena was uncofortable, he added "Oh sorry, I must be a little creepy."
Selena cut him some slack and giggled. She then decided to pull out her iPod when he walked away.

Later on, Selena got the dog back on his leash and headed out. As she was leaving the park she saw the man she was talking with earlier, sitting on the grass in the middle of the field. He looked up at her, and when their eyes met, his tongue lashed out into the cool air. His tongue was twice as long as a regular tongue should be.
I'm just seeing things, Selena thought.

Walking through the streets towards a trail that lead through the forest, Slena couldn't get her mind off of that man. He was chatting with her, and then he smiles at her, revealing jagged teeth and an unnaturally long tongue. Wierd.
When she made it to the Trail, Selena rested for a minute or two. In the distance, she could see the man walking down the street with hs dress coat slung over his shoulder.
Selena bacame paranoid. "Maybe he's just walking home," She said. But the man then crossed the street over to where the trail started.
Selena started walking again.
When she looked over her shoulder, she didn't see the man. "He probably didn't even go nto the trail." She mumbled.
Suddenly, the dog started to growl. He was pointed in the direction of the nearest bush.
Selena picked up the pace. Out of the bush, the man jumped out, breaking into a sprint towards Selena.
Selena screamed and bolted deeper into the trail. The dog's leash slipped out of her hand and the dog started running ahead of Selena, not even hesitating.
Slena looked behind her. The man was on her heels! Selena screamed again and kicked out at the man. She missed and the kick slowed her down. The man lunged and brought Selena down in a big heap, him on top.
He rolled over and held down Selena's arms on the ground. He lashed his tongue out again and it nicked the side of her face. The saliva burned like acid.
Selena screamed again as the saliva seeped into her cheek. He grinned, and revealed razor sharp teeth spatted with pink saliva. He dove his mouth down toward the flesh on her neck. His teeth cut through her skin like a knife through butter and blood sprayed everywhere. He released his clamp on her neck and licked the side of her face again.
"Stop screaming", he hissed.

Nancy Belloes and two doctors stared through the one way glass. Behind it sat Selena, lying on the end of her bed.
"So tell me again," Nancy said to one of the doctors, "What happened?"
One of the doctors stepped up. He was dressed as if he had just gotten out of a meeting, except he had four streaks of blood on the side of his face where something scratched him.
"I was sitting at the park when I saw the girl walk towards the nearest bench, dragging behind a dog. The dog wasn't moving, so I got suspicious. When she sat down, she began mumbling to herself, staring intently at the dog's carcass, I knew she was a nut job." The doctor explained.
"I sat down beside her and had a nice chat. I asked her about the dog, and clearly she didn't realize that it was dead. When I sat back again on another bench, she pulled out a switchblade with an orange tint to it. I looked closer and saw that it was dried blood. I assumed that it was what she used for the dog. She put on her iPod and I decided to give her some space so I went to the field to keep some distance." The doctor cast a worried look towards Nancy.
"Then she started flicking the blade in and out of the holder and ran off dragging the dog. So I followed her incase something were to happen.
By the time she got to the Trail, she started cutting the dog's corpes with the Switchblade. It was the most disturbing thing I have ever witnessed."
The doctor got tears in his eyes. "I chased her down but she took off and, and..." The doctor paused.
"I had to tackle her to the ground, not before she sliced her cheek and then neck open. The cuts weren't deep but the blood sprayed everywhere from the neck wound. If I weren't medically experienced, she would have died."
Selena looked up from the spot on the white bed she was sitting on. She cast a glance at her mother, and preceded to bang her skull on the wall.

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24 Jun, 2011
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5 mins
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