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By angel

       She always looked so pretty... With her golden blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale light skin. She always smelled amazing no matter how long she went without a shower she always smelled great. She always dressed so nice and elegant she never looked trashy even on her off days. Her voice was always like silk in my ears I could never stop loving the sound of her voice even when she was screaming in agony with my hands on her. But, I'm getting ahead of myself... It all started when I first saw her at the work place she was so shy and timid it was deliciously adorable like a little mouse. Never had I seen a female so beautiful I just wanted to grab her and take her away to a place where I could be alone with her forever. 

I wanted her. Bad. Honestly it wasn't like I couldn't get the prize. I am a fairly tanned, six foot two, thick muscular and overall handsome. I've been told by several people most of them woman, See I am a single man I prefer it that way usually because I cannot control myself when it comes to females even though none of them seem to make me feel this way. Not like she does. Anyway, I am the CEO of my company I wont get into what we sell because that's too much to talk about right now. I live in my large condo on top of one of Texas most expensive condo establishment.

     I remember the first time we talked, she spilled her coffee all over my white suite she had no idea who I was. Obviously shaky and clumsy she whimpered out an apology and ran to get napkins coming over to me cleaning me off trying her hardest to make the situation less awkward. I flashed her a simple smile that seemed to take her breath away and accepted her apology telling her it was a simple accident that anyone can have. I remember that night well... I couldn't sleep I was constantly tossing and turning in my bed seeing her in my dreams cursing myself for not getting her name that day.

      I also remember the first time I was angry with her. Oh how I wanted to scold her for betraying me yet, I never wanted to harm a single hair on her head. She gave me a reason to snap... I had been coming on to her and flirting with her a lot hoping she had gotten the message that I wanted to be with her I made her blush multiple times a day and yet still no success and all this time I wondered WHY. WHY WOULD SHE NOT TAKE ME? MANY WOMAN HAVE THROW THEMSELVES AT ME! YET SHE WANTS TO PLAY LIKE A LITTLE KID IN A CANDY STORE...  It was my assistant... Henry. Pretty nerdy, small, mousy like her, weak and submissive. He asked her out on a date, and she accepted... SHE ACCEPTED HIS DATE... So I did what any reasonable man in love would do. I followed them on their little date, just to make sure he didn't touch what was mine. He took her to the movies and out for dinner... Pathetic. I can show her what a real date is.

     His skin was still warm when I felt the life draining from him. I remembered how he begged for his life looking in my eyes for mercy and how he thought he could fight me off... Haha he makes me laugh. She was so upset the next week or so when Henry just happen to not show up to work, or called her back but that's what happens when you mess with another mans girl. 

Me and Cindy live a really nice life now though. That Henry is out of the way, I bought us a house a really nice house, now shes no longer shy, she lets me do whatever I want to her now, She no longer complains, Shes still reserved though really quiet. But what do I expect when she's dead.

Author Notes: Hope you like it.

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26 Mar, 2015
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3 mins
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