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I bet you will look out there one day and won't see any trees. No trees. No humans. No grass, no house, no dirt, no sky, no earth, no space. Nothing but a void. And from that void you shall hear screaming. Maniacle. Insane. Depraved. Anguished. Sounds you never thought the human voice could make, yet those sounds undeniably were. The voices, screaming and wailing these unintelligble words. Words that sounded almost like words you knew, but were ever so slightly perverted which made any attempt to comprehend them end in failure.

And as you stare into that void with a mixture of what the hell, confusion, and curiousity written on your face you begin to hear voices beckon to you. Voices from people you once knew. At first your closest friend. Their words sweet like honey trying to lure you into the void, but a sense of unease keeps you grounded. You just know you shouldn't listen to their words and that it isn't real. Then another voice chimes in. The voice of your mother, you realize, as she talks to you about the wonders beyond the void and how she wishes to experience them with you. Yet you refuse, feeling that if you listened everything would be over. Nothing would matter if you followed their sweet words. Then a third voice chips in, chastising you for not going with your mother. Pointing out how much of a failure you are and how none of this would have happened had you listened to her. Eventually you realize this to be your father and an unbridled fury rises inside you. You almost leap in to chase after him and give him what for but still you don't. You choose not to go into the void and stay where you are as they continue to try and sway your mind.

After who knows how long they stop, and you sigh a breath of relief as silence returns. Yet just as you settle into bed to sleep, you hear footsteps outside your door and the door creaks open ever so slowy. You look up to see their three heads poked round the corner staring at you. One atop the other. And as they come round the corner you see its not the people you knew. No, its just some creature staring at you. Mouths wide with teeth larger than their heads yet still clearly inside their mouth. Limbs bent at odd angles and muscles twitching and convulsing at odd intervals. The torso, if it can even be called that, appears to just be an amalgamation of vital organs, bones, and a patchwork of skin.
You watch in horror as this monstrousity steps closer and closer towards you, forcing you to move back towards the void. The screams from it echoing far louder than before and the voices of your best friend, father, and mother louder than the rest beckoning for you to come. Its safe here they say, and soon you hear all your loved ones begging for you to just come inside. And the screams begin to crescendo as if to drown out the noise of those voices which only get louder in response, creating an ever rising battle to see who can be louder than who.

The monstrousity is towering over you now, watching you. Staring at you, waiting for something. Its hot and ragged breathing every bit as loud as the clamor behind you. Eventually, you cant bear it anymore and head into the void. Into the warmth of those voices you know. Into the welcoming darkness where you feel nothing at all. And where everything you wanted is there for you.

Every fantasy, desire, and wish fulfilled. Your days are spent with your best friends and family doing all sorts of fun things. Things you never thought you would get to do with them again.
You feel content, at peace finally, glad you got away from that monstrosity in the end. But soon you feel a breath upon your neck you know all too well. And as you turn around to look you see that monstrousity. You've noticed how its grown. It has many more heads now and the teeth are so large they've merged the lower jaw of all the heads just to bear their weight. Its limbs multiplied by dozens of times and the bends and twists in each limb appear more numerous than before. The patchwork of organs, bone, and skin grew to encompass the entire monster and as such gave it its own grotesque skin. And as it noticed your gaze upon it, it smiled and said in the kindest and most gentle voice imaginable,

"Thank you for coming to my humble abode. May you never know what the future holds, nor what the present brings, and shall the past forever keep us safe and warm."

Author Notes: Backstory!
Was talking with a friend who mentioned their neighbor's house is in a forested area and she occasionally hears them making a racket at night doing god knows what. This was the result of that flash of inspiration. Hoped you liked it and I wish you a good rest of your morning, afternoon, or night.

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18 Nov, 2021
Read Time
4 mins
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