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Pcb Life

Pcb Life

By djreed7100 - 1 Review

Chloe and I arrived in Panama City Beach Florida a week ago. We jetted in via Delta air, with my dog in tow. His vechicle of choice is a gym bag with a convertible top, just zip it up or down. Several drinks went down while airborne. An hour and twenty minutes later we touched down. We caught a decent tail wind. We then traversed clear across the Georgian south into Florida. The pan handle, red neck alley. What have you. I call it home now. I like it fine, so far. Several hours after we hopped in a random traveler car for a ride. The car was unloaded and we hit the beach in ten minutes flat. No preparations. We jettisoned again, this time to the sea. We had to be there. No sunblock, no chairs, no radios, or food, only a couple towels. The weather forecast here goes like this, sunny, ninety five degrees, and ninety percent humidity for the next couple weeks. Having no license or car, foot travel becomes rather difficult in such humidity. I am forced the make the trip several times a week to the dollar store, happily however. We need things and the price is right. I dropped a few bills on first class.

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20 Jul, 2015
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