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Pea Ah Noh

Pea Ah Noh

By linoleumflooring

Dancing away, slamming each note down with precision, the lovely sound filling the room.

The fingers move swiftly and accurately, alternating between black and white.

Her body moving back and forth with full passion as she tinkles each note with just the right amount of force, filling the room, and our ears, with the enchanting tone ringing throughout.

With a delicate, but a risky glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary. But, the focus is not through sight, but it is through the minuscule vibrations throughout the air, detectable by all, and enjoyed by all.

Ebonies and Ivories, fittingly together as if peas in a pod, as they get pushed down into the frame and triggering the pleasurable pound on the finely-crafted steel and copper wires within.

The complex mixture of notes makes every single Christmas Holiday as excited as can be, even if Santa forgets to visit our house.

The happy, cheerful, and occasionally depressing and sad sounds flow around the house every day, boosting spirits.

Sounds are commonplace in our household, the calming and warm melody everywhere.

Now, every time, the 25th of December passes without notice.

Everyday is silent

Everywhere is depressing and sad.

The house is silent.

The feeling is gone without a trace.

Replaced by emptiness and blandness.

A mirage echoes the joyful nights on the padded bench accompanying the grand creation of wood and wires, delicately crafted.

They say at nights in December you might hear the soft sound of the hammers clashing the tensioned wires if you listened carefully.

They say if you stand where it once stood that you could hear her playing once more.

You are greatly missed despite fading away and slipping from our grips. Just play again for us. Revive those nights filled with joy, Just one last time. Please.

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2 Jun, 2019
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1 min
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