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Peace in the Chaos of Adulthood
Peace in the Chaos of Adulthood

Peace in the Chaos of Adulthood


There's something they don't tell you about growing up that you don't realize until you're there, knee-deep in the mess of adulthood and new responsibility. Growing up, many of us see adults as all-knowing individuals who have their whole life together and are incapable of error, but the older you get the more you understand how wrong that judgement had been. The reality of adulthood is that no one really has it all together, we're all subject to an ever-changing world that we cannot control, it is truly impossible to be as impeccable as the adults we had imagined as children. It is up to you to decide whether that fact is terrifying or freeing, but personally, I have found peace in it. I have found peace in not knowing anything other than we are not alone in the darkness of uncertainty and I hope you can find peace in it too.

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13 Dec, 2020
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